Sunday Coffee

Hello friends! We have made it to another Sunday, and this Sunday is part of a four day weekend for me which I am so thankful for.

Grab your Sunday morning drink of choice and let’s catch up.

Sunday Coffee 25May

Things I learned this past week:

  • 3 Minute planks suck SO bad.
  • I need to work on time management
  • I feel overall so much better when I’ve had more water than soda to drink.

Okay, confession time. I have never considered writing, authoring a book, until I began reading romance. I have a handful of stories that have been heavy on my mind for the past year or so and I want to bring them to life. Insert the fear and self doubt. I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no idea how to start a to write enough to create a to end a book. I don’t want to be one of those people who assume that just because I’m a reader, that I can jump right into writing and be fine. I want to take it seriously. I want to do my research and do it right. I guess what I mean by doing research is research before I even get into the process of bringing these ideas to light. Knowing what I want to write, I want to read stories with similar plot lines. I want to submerge myself into as much of the subject matter as possible. I also really want to get lost into some nonfiction about writing from the perspective of woman writers. I’m not really rushing myself because I do want to go about this the right way and in my mind, this is it.

Three of the ideas I have are: first, I really want to write a time travel romance. The time travel romance scares me a little because this subgenre of romance isn’t as popular as it was once upon a time. My second idea, surprisingly, is to write a young adult novel. I want to write  a young adult romance that I would recommend to 17 year old me. Lastly, I really want to write a book of poetry..angsty as hell love poems. The poetry collection may come first. We’ll see what happens.

This week the highway going into work was closed off. Yes, your girl was frustrated because it was less than a month ago when the side of the highway coming home was closed. This made my 10 minute commute to work turn into an hour. Looking on the bright side, I get hella audiobook listening time in.

I finished Blackerry Summer by Raeanne Thayne which is book one in her Hope’s Crossing series. I rated this one 3 out of 5 stars. Look, when it comes to this one..I have started and stopped it quite a few times. Nothing really against it, I just don’t think I’ve been 100% in the mood for it when I’ve been picking it up. Even this time, I think its just me wanting really badly to binge a series, is the reason I gave it a go and stuck with it. Next, I finished No Two Ways by Chu Yi Rodriguez which I rated 2 out of 5 stars. I didn’t go into this one with expectations but I was also hoping for greatness with it. Sadly, there was just a lot about it that left me disappointed. A review for it will be coming in June. Lastly, my most recent finish was Can’t Escape Love by Alyssa Cole. I won’t say much about this one here because I have an entire post covering my thoughts scheduled to post next month but I will say, I rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

It was a crazy stressful week and I’m glad it’s over. I have got to do better with time management at work. I’ve got to squeeze the most I can into the time I spend at work. I’m tired of going in early and staying late. I feel like a dog constantly chasing it’s tail in circles. My therapist and I have talked about this; having realistic expectations and recognizing that I won’t get everything done that’s on my list everyday. Sometimes it may take a few days. And I need to be okay with this. Listening to the audiobooks I was in the middle of and catching up on Podcasts definitely helped put my mind at ease and definitely helped me chill out.

My wish for you this week; whatever you have to do to help yourself chill out, I hope you figure it out. Breathe in, breathe out and keep going..but have realistic expectations for yourself and be okay with saving some for tomorrow.


Sunday Coffee

Hello Friends. We have made it to another Sunday and wow, what a week. Thursday and Friday in particular were crazy days for me. I feel like I earned the hell out of this weekend. Grab your Sunday drink of choice and let’s catch up.


This past week I finished the second two books in Melanie Harlow’sHappy Crazy Love trilogy.

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Both were fantastic, but the third book, Some Sort of Love I’d have to say is my favorite of all three. Melanie Harlow has become one of the few authors who after reading one book of hers, I want to read anything and everything I can get my hands on by her.

I had another incident of right place, right time, new favorite song. Seriously, I need to create a playlist dedicated to songs I hear on a whim, while out and about. I was at my local Central Market yesterday morning after grabbing coffee and heard this reggae beat being played throughout the store. Reggae isn’t a genre I know basically anything about but I have an ear for older music. Older music is a first love of mine. I immediately pull out my phone and Shazam it. I learn that song is, It’s True by Alton Ellis from his album, Sunday Coming. It’s True gives feeds my old school, crooning, doo wop soul what it needs while on top of a reggae beat that transports me to an island paradise I need to visit sooner rather than later.


One of my current reads is a poetry collection by Andrea Gibson, The Madness Vase.


I am enjoying this one a whole lot more than a previous read of hers. I was pretty let down by that one after reading and loving, Pansy.  I’ll share some of what I have highlighted so far:

Like drumbeats forever changing their rhythm I am living today as someone I had not yet become yesterday, and tonight I will borrow only pieces of who I am right now to carry with me to tomorrow.


I am whatever I am when I am it.


I will say I have never cared to Be nearly as much as I care to Become.



I am also currently in the middle of Sin and Ink by Naima Simone.

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I don’t want to say too much about it, because I am pretty far in and will definitely post a full review once I am done, but I am enjoying it so far. Up to this point I felt like I’ve read some very forbidden romances. Like, what else could be out there? Then I started reading Sin and Ink and all I’ll say I if you like a good forbidden romance. A totally messed up situation? You have to give this one a try! More to come on it once I’ve finished.

This past week was insane. One of those weeks which consisted of early mornings to get to work and attempt to catch up, yet still leaving feeling like I accomplished nothing. I am determined to do better at time management while also not stressing myself out. My Psychologist I have been seeing is moving out to Arizona, so I start therapy with a new doctor this week. Wish me luck. I’ve met this particular doctor before and she seems nice, but I have built trust with the doctor I’ve been using and it kind of feels like starting all over again.

Let me know what is going on in your corner of the world. How did your week go? Anything awesome coming up this week for you? I am wishing you the best. Take care of yourself. Until next time, xo.