The Ultimate Romance Hero: Jakob King

This is honestly going to be part review, part dedication post to the fictional man I am now head over heels for: Jakob King. So bear with me as I attempt to make all of this make sense whilst trying to persuade you to read Returning His Favor by Jacqueline Francis.

Returning His Favor

Written and Published by Jacqueline Francis

Published February 14, 2019

Goodreads Rating: 4.63 Stars

My Rating: 5/5 Stars



Curvy bombshell Melissa Danzer spends her days working on her photography business in Willow Falls, Wisconsin. Alone in the world except for her sister, Melissa is running away from her traumatic past.

A brooding and bearded giant, Jakob King is a successful business owner with secrets of his own. As an ex-Amish, he struggles to cling to something real in his new life. When he sets his sights on Melissa, he’ll stop at nothing to have her, to protect her, and to claim her as his own.

As danger lurks and their worlds collide, will Melissa and Jakob be able to overcome what life throws at them, or will the be driven apart?


Melissa is the quintessential 2019 romance heroine. Finding heroines in 2019 who don’t come with some sort of baggage, some ghosts we want locked in our closet and a laundry list of why we meet with a therapist bi-weekly is few and far between. She has her reasons why she is out on dating websites, meeting guys but not totally upset when it doesn’t work, because the more fun it stays, the better. Then she runs into Jakob. Well, more like his dog runs into her.

I feel like what Jackie *I call her that, because that’s what she goes by on Instagram* does in this book is basically give us the hero we need and deserve in 2019. We have met some great ones along the way and they have all prepped us for the force that is Jakob King.

Jakob has left the Amish community although with the passing of his father, he still goes back to help with the yearly harvest and Keeps in touch with his mother and siblings. There is a sort of loneliness to him which is totally understandable being that he is on kind of the other side of the fence from his family.

I remember being in a class back in 2011. Class was over one day and we were outside getting ready to leave for the day.  I was chatting with one of my classmates and she told me, “Don’t waste your time on anyone who isn’t absolutely crazy about you.” Jakob King was totally crazy for our heroine, Melissa and I think that’s what I loved most about this story.  Reading through the passages and being overwhelmed with the feeling that “she has him.”

“Nothing you could tell me about your past would make me change my feelings for you.”

“The thought of trusting someone the way she trusted Jakob made her want to vomit. And yet, here she was, sitting in front of a man who, regardless of all her faults and imperfections, loved her.”

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Jakob is the guy who will politely threaten your creepy stalker from online to leave you alone, basically putting your mind at ease because the creep never randomly shows up again.

I love a gruff man’s man. Jakob is the guy getting down under your car to figure out why it keeps giving you problems. He’s up on time without having to be reminded that it’s time to go to work. He prides himself on a hard day’s work.

He loves, respects and adores his Mother. He keeps himself physically fit, taking care of his body.

Even during the dark moments, he was supportive. He’s the right amount of protective without being overly protective.

“I think I fall in love with you a little bit more every minute.” Not allowing her a chance to answer, he kissed her once more, assertively claiming Melissa’s mouth, capturing it and making it his. She leaned into the kiss, wanting everything he was offering.”

Our heroine had herself convinced that she didn’t need a man and although I don’t doubt that at all, it was a wild ride witnessing the armor and walls she’d built around herself begin to tumble thanks to Jakob. Women nowadays have to have a thick skin. Not everyone always has your best intentions in mind, so it was a rollercoaster sitting back and seeing Melissa come to the realization that Jakob intentions were genuine. That can sadly be so hard for us as trust the right guy when he comes along.

I can’t recommend this romance enough.  It will have you on the edge of your seat for a few chapters. It’s sexy as hell. It has a wonderful sister relationships and about halfway through the book, a friendship I grew to love. It has quite a few layers to it, but I thought everything came together perfectly.




3 Awesome July Reads

Hey hey Friends. I know it’s August now, but for real, I knew it was the end of July but it didn’t really hit me until I was typing in the date being August 1st. So here I am (finally) sharing a bit of a reading wrap up for the month of July.

I read 21 books in July. Out of those 21, most were really great reading experiences but there were a few duds. If you’re not friends with me on Goodreads, you can follow me here, to keep up with what I’m reading and vice versa.



First up is Returning His Favor by Jacqueline Francis.


Returning His Favor has the hero we deserve in 2019. It is sexy as hell, an emotional roller coaster and overall a really amazing read. Typically when I see Amish romances, they appear to be very sweet and cozy which is cool, but this one takes a different path without being disrespectful, yet still an insightful look into a culture different from my own.

I don’t think I’ve stopped thinking about A Lesson In Thorns by Sierra Simone since finishing it. I actually threw the book into the hands of my husband, made him download Audible..and he’s currently listening to it right now.

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A Lesson In Thorns is a dark, twisted fairy tale like story. Sierra Simone in my opinion is our modern day, gothic romance author, but sexier than what the genre may have been known for once upon a time. I love that about her.

My last favorite from July was Passion on Park Avenue by Lauren Layne.


I went into this one really not knowing much about it and am glad I did. I was quickly sucked into the story which has a plot line that typically causes me a lot of anxiety but it made sense with this one. With this being the first in a new series, I’m very excited to see what is going to come next from this very nontraditional group of friends.

Let me know what your reading favorites were in July. I can’t believe we are already in August. Hello..I just bought three fall candles from Michael’s..and Halloween lights for my kids to put up. It made me so happy.

Until next time, take care of yourselves. We will chat again soon.