Reigning Magicks by Candace Osmond & JJ King

“magic is neither black nor white, but full of color and purpose. It is up to use that purpose wisely.” Reigning Magicks by Candace Osmond & JJ King Book 1 in the Witch In Time series Goodreads Rating: 4.73 Stars My Rating: 5/5 Stars Plot: She’ll Reign Over His Heart…In This Time or Another AfterContinue reading “Reigning Magicks by Candace Osmond & JJ King”

Friday Reads & #SmutAThon Plans

Happy Friday Friends. I have secretly always wanted to post Friday Reads here on the blog, but it was just not conducive to me working full time. Now that I’m not, I will definitely make it a priority to let you all know what my reading plans for the weekend consist of. So let’s shakeContinue reading “Friday Reads & #SmutAThon Plans”