I Hooked Up with Kindle Unlimited (Again!) Here’s what I One-Clicked

I have a very ‘it’s not you, it’s me‘ relationship with Kindle Unlimited. I know I should, but I don’t pay too much attention to all of the dramas going around surrounding Amazon and what it does for the book business. I just know for a busy Mom, who loves to read, having my Kindle is very convenient. and my relationship with Kindle Unlimited has proven to be complicated.

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The thing with Kindle Unlimited for me is simple: Your Girl doesn’t like paying for something she doesn’t tend to use. There have been months and months where I pay for KU, one click away throughout the month but never actually read any of the books. This presented an issue for me. Why am I paying for something I don’t use? I questioned myself on this. I questioned myself on, do I keep it so that I don’t feel like I’m missing out? Because let’s be real here, as a romance reader, there are so many damn good romances on KU! Well, I went with the decision to get rid of both Kindle Unlimited and Audible Escape. I figured between the library and Scribd, I’d be okay.

sit down

That lasted about a week. I hooked back up with Kindle Unlimited. The good thing about KU is that you can break up and get back together as conveniently as needed, and as of now, he isn’t going anywhere. I haven’t gotten back together with Audible Escape because honestly, while I still have the Audible App, very rarely did I actually use Audible Escape for my audiobooks. Yes, there would be times I’d get on there and binge a series, or listen to novellas, but those times were few, far and in between. I actually have purchased most of the audiobooks on my app and most of them were super cheap because I had them downloaded via Kindle Unlimited. So right now, I am comfortable with my decision.

My intention is this: I am paying for it, so I need to read at a minimum, two Kindle Unlimited books per month. If I read more than that, great! That is the ‘expectation,’ though. I truly believe in getting what you’re paying for. And I encourage you, if you’ve been thinking of this late, to ask yourself, is it worth my hard earned money if I’m not using it? That money could be saved or spent elsewhere.

Now that I’m back though, here are the titles I’ve one clicked so far:

Of course I had to one click away on one of my favorite authors, Melanie Harlow. I clicked three titles by her:

First is, From This Moment which is book 4 in the After We Fall series.

from this moment

Next is Irresistible which is book 1 in her Cloverleigh Farms series


Followed by Undeniable which is book 2 in the Cloverleigh Farms series


One that I have already started is my first ever Kandi Steiner romance and that’s On The Rocks

on the rocks

So far I have kept it simple and haven’t gotten out of control. These are four books I’ve really wanted to read so I decided to put them first and go from there. I will definitely be getting to these this month!

So yes friends, I am back with Kindle Unlimited as of now, and I’ll keep you posted on the status of our relationship. Will we successfully stay together and find a groove that works, or will we not work out, yet again. Only time will tell.



Thoughts While Reading: Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan

Okay friends, I am currently 84% of the way into Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan..which is my first read by her and I’m loving it.

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Let’s set the scene shall we? Imagine being on the receiving end of a dick pick from a number you 100% don’t recognize. Imagine that subject matter of this unexpected text message, isn’t too bad to look at. Through convo and realizing the message was sent to the Wrong person..both yours and the name of the human this subject matter belongs to are exchanged. Now..imagine that you are interviewing with a company that’s going to assist you with getting your company off the ground..Cool, right? No biggie. Now imagine that you and Mr. Dick Pic..Junk Mail *literally* are now working together. That friends, is the beginning to this amazing story by Kendall Ryan.

Junk Mail is a lot of fun so far. I only have 20% more to until finishing and I decided to take a break from reading to jot down my thoughts because 1) I’m putting off finishing it, because it’s been a lot of fun and I don’t want it to end and 2) The story has flowed so well, I’m a tad nervous about how it’s going to end. I love the idea of a dick pic turning into a romance, especially an unexpected one. This isn’t something as of yet that I have read before.

Peyton and her Grandmother live together and are basically best friends. I have no shame in admitting that I live for romances with matchmaking, sneaky grandmothers. I love the relationship between Peyton and hers. Peyton adores her and if this wasn’t a romance, I could hands down read a story of their own.

I really like Josh. I wouldn’t say he’s my favorite of love interests but he’s a good guy. There is a scene where Grandma falls and Peyton is so nervous and scared..all she can think of is to call Josh and he literally saves the night. I really liked seeing him have Peyton’s back. With this being a work place romance, there is a conversation Josh has with his homie Brody which basically results in him ignoring Peyton (in her opinion, him  ghosting her) to ensure her business takes off. While I thought it was kind of a dick move (hah!) to just stop talking to her without any explanation, I had to remember he was doing it with her best interest in mind.

“if you really care about a person, you need to let them tell their whole story. Because if you don’t, you may be losing them somewhere in the details.”

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“falling in love with you is the least professional thing I’ve ever done. And I want to keep doing it over and over again.”

Okay, I finished Junk Mail. It was a solid four star read for me, I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it. One thing I really enjoyed about the relationship between Josh and Peyton is how easy things flowed between them. The story kicks off with this hilarious, uncomfortable situation which could totally make thing awkward. Yet, once these two met, the awkwardness was short lived and things just kind of flowed. It worked.

I liked seeing how when things got kind of crazy and Peyton storms out in her feelings, it was her two girlfriends there for her well prepared with ice cream and makeup remover. And how the next morning, she wakes up her to grandmother and her beau cooking her breakfast. Yes, to heroines with strong support systems..I’m a total Stan.