Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Hello Friends! I thought during this holiday season, I would share my thoughts on Hallmark’s holiday romances. They are a must watch for me each year, and I tend to have so many thoughts.

First up this year was “Christmas At Pemberley Manor,” which made me laugh, made me cry and definitely had me swooning at the love story.

christmas at pemberley manor

Christmas at Pemberley Manor stars Jessica Lowndes and Michael Rady. If you missed the premiere, according to Hallmark’s website, you can catch it again on November 2nd at 8 p.m.

I am very much in the minority when it comes to loving Pride and Prejudice, but I definitely respect what the romance between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy has done for literature and lovers of a good romance. You for sure get the Pride and Prejudice vibes while watching this movie.

The main character is an event planner named Elizabeth Bennett who travels to a small town to assist with their Christmas festival. Upon arriving, she meets William Darcy who owns and is in the process of selling, Pemberley Manor. The two, initially are at odds but when the first location option for the Christmas festival falls through, Elizabeth and William have to work together to turn Pemberley Manor into the perfect place to host it.

Before I get into the romance, I must say, I need whoever the stylist for Elizabeth was, to come and burn all my clothes and restock my closet with anything Elizabeth would wear. I loved every outfit I saw her in.

Elizabeth is really good at her job, but spends most of the time behind the scenes and has a boss who does a really good job at keeping her there. It was nice to see Elizabeth shine, and to see the boss witness that someone else can do just as good a job as she can.

There have been films where there was just no chemistry between the two love interests but the romance between our two main characters in Pemberley Manor felt very believable.


During their first meeting, Elizabeth checks William on the way he treats his intern because she has been in his shoes. In true Hallmark movie fashion, Elizabeth shows William that he can and should lighten up and relax a little bit.

I liked the twist in this one. There is someone else who has their eye on Elizabeth and oh my goodness he is such a good guy, but Elizabeth has made it very clear that they are better off as friends.  Seriously though, you as the viewer are watching like, she has two really good options here!

Pemberley Manor was absolutely gorgeous. I love when the setting is so perfect, that I get on google and try to track it down. Especially once all decorated and festive, with the snow falling outside, it was beautiful.


Overall I enjoyed it. I do like how Hallmark is stepping their game up having more diverse casts. I don’t want it to be forced, and I don’t expect to see it in every movie, but then I kind of do at the same time. So not seeing a diverse cast in this one was a bit of a let down but at the end of the day, I really enjoyed it and recommend setting your dvr to record it if you haven’t already.

Enjoy Friends!! xoxo