Read These Love Stories this Fall

We are a few weeks shy of Autumn 2019. Although I live in South Texas where this particular season is null and void, it is still my absolute favorite. The fall is my favorite season to tailor my reading to. I went through my Goodreads to seek out books I’ve read over the past fewContinue reading “Read These Love Stories this Fall”

Friday Reads. new Life phases. making New Norms.

Hello and Happy Friday friends. Things have been changing. I’ve still been wanting to read, and have received some amazing book mail and hauled a few gems..but finding the time to read has become a bit difficult. The weekend is here though and I am determined to play catch up for my lack of readingContinue reading “Friday Reads. new Life phases. making New Norms.”

August Reading Favorites

My reading momentum in the month of August definitely slowed down. August is this really awkward in between’ish transition month for me. I feel it every year. It’s the last month of summer and being a mood reader, I am in this weird space where I want to binge the last bit of my summerContinue reading “August Reading Favorites”

Romance Bingo Wrap Up

I’m looking at the calendar and can’t believe we are already as far into August as we are! For me this means we are that much closer to the fall which is exciting but sadly, it means the end to Summer Romance Bingo, which is hosted by Sarah from Steeped in Books on Youtube. IContinue reading “Romance Bingo Wrap Up”

3 Really Cool Takeaways from How To Hack A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway

How To Hack A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway Published July 30, 2019 by Graydon House Goodreads Rating: 3.62 Stars   Plot: By day, Mel Strickland is an underemployed helpdesk tech at a startup incubator, Hatch, where she helps entitled brogrammers—”Hatchlings”—who can’t even fix their own laptops, but are apparently the next wave of startup geniuses.Continue reading “3 Really Cool Takeaways from How To Hack A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway”

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Published June 11, 2019 by Avon Average rating on Goodreads: 3.78 Stars My Rating: 3/5 Stars   Synopsis: After an injury ends Travis Ford’s major league baseball career, he returns home to start over. He just wants to hammer out his frustrations at his new construction gig and forgetContinue reading “Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey”

The Ultimate Romance Hero: Jakob King

This is honestly going to be part review, part dedication post to the fictional man I am now head over heels for: Jakob King. So bear with me as I attempt to make all of this make sense whilst trying to persuade you to read Returning His Favor by Jacqueline Francis. Returning His Favor WrittenContinue reading “The Ultimate Romance Hero: Jakob King”

Review: Passion on Park Avenue by Lauren Layne

Passion on Park Avenue by Lauren Layne Published May 28, 2019 by Gallery Books Goodreads Rating: 3.77 Stars My Rating: 4/5 Stars Plot: For as long as she can remember, Bronx-born Naomi Powell has had one goal: to prove her worth among the Upper East Side elite—the same people for which her mom worked asContinue reading “Review: Passion on Park Avenue by Lauren Layne”

Aphrodite Made Me Do It by Trista Mateer

Aphrodite Made Me Do It by Trista Mateer Published October 1, 2019 by Central Avenue Publishing I was provided a review copy via Netgalley Synopsis: Bestselling and award-winning author Trista Mateer takes an imaginative approach to self-care in this new poetry and prose collection, Aphrodite Made Me Do It. In this empowering retelling, she usesContinue reading “Aphrodite Made Me Do It by Trista Mateer”

3 Awesome July Reads

Hey hey Friends. I know it’s August now, but for real, I knew it was the end of July but it didn’t really hit me until I was typing in the date being August 1st. So here I am (finally) sharing a bit of a reading wrap up for the month of July. I readContinue reading “3 Awesome July Reads”