#Blogmas Miracle On 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

“This is crazy.“ He groaned the words against her mouth. “You want true love, and I’m not Prince Charming.” “Prince Charming was a weird stalker guy with a foot fetish.”  Breathless, she locked both hands behind his neck to stop him pulling away. “You taught me that.“ “But he married the girl.” “I don’t wantContinue reading “#Blogmas Miracle On 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan”

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Published June 11, 2019 by Avon Average rating on Goodreads: 3.78 Stars My Rating: 3/5 Stars   Synopsis: After an injury ends Travis Ford’s major league baseball career, he returns home to start over. He just wants to hammer out his frustrations at his new construction gig and forgetContinue reading “Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey”

Book Review: A Lesson In Thorns by Sierra Simons

A Lesson In Thorns by Sierra Simone Published March 19, 2019 Average Goodreads Rating: 4.22 Stars My Review: 5/5 Stars Synopsis: When librarian Poe Markham takes the job at Thornchapel, she only wants two things: to stay away from Thornchapel’s tortured owner, Auden Guest, and to find out what happened to her mother twelve yearsContinue reading “Book Review: A Lesson In Thorns by Sierra Simons”

Books I Haven’t Read & Probably Never Will

Let’s chat about romances I have no shame in admitting I haven’t read and probably never will: I feel like this first one may get me burned at the stake, but No friends, I have not read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I absolutely love and adore a good time traveling romance, so it still takesContinue reading “Books I Haven’t Read & Probably Never Will”

My Experience with Being Black. A Reader & Online.

The online book community can be so stressful at times. Every time you look up it feels like there is some sort of drama. Amidst the pettiness and downright stupidity that tends to surface here and there, there are also important discussions at times that definitely provide necessary tools and room for growth. Recently anContinue reading “My Experience with Being Black. A Reader & Online.”

The Life of the Party by Olivia Gatwood

The Life of the Party by Olivia Gatwood Expected Publication Date: August 27, 2019 by Dial Press Average Goodreads Rating: 4.44 Stars My Rating: 5/5 Stars Synopsis: i’m a good girl, bad girl, sad girl, dream girl girl next door sunbathing in the driveway i wanna be them all at once, i wanna be allContinue reading “The Life of the Party by Olivia Gatwood”

Duke By Default by Alyssa Cole

After waiting for what felt like forever (probably a good month in reality) my library hold for the audiobook for A Duke By Default by Alyssa Cole came through and I can finally say I’m ‘on track’ with this series. The most recent release, A Prince On Paper, is the only title I have left toContinue reading “Duke By Default by Alyssa Cole”

Should’ve DNF’d..

They Key to Happily Ever After by Tif Marcelo Published May 14, 2019 by Gallery Books Average Goodreads Rating: 3.75 Stars My Rating: 2 Stars   Synopsis: All’s fair in love and business. The de la Rosa family and their wedding planning business have been creating happily ever afters in the Washington, DC area forContinue reading “Should’ve DNF’d..”

Thoughts While Reading: Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan

Okay friends, I am currently 84% of the way into Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan..which is my first read by her and I’m loving it. Let’s set the scene shall we? Imagine being on the receiving end of a dick pick from a number you 100% don’t recognize. Imagine that subject matter of this unexpected text message,Continue reading “Thoughts While Reading: Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan”

#AhotMess 3 Star Read

No Two Ways by Chi You Rodriguez Published April 27, 2019 Average Goodreads Rating: 4.00 Stars My Rating: 3 Stars   Synopsis: AJ Felipe makes the most of being the head information security engineer for a local law firm with the help of her loyal team of nerds. Their job isn’t really the most fun,Continue reading “#AhotMess 3 Star Read”