#Blogtober October Favorites

Happy October 31st. Let’s be cliché for a moment shall we..I can’t believe it’s the end of October. Seriously though, tomorrow is November, so basically day 1 of my birthday (I celebrate the entire month) and I’m very excited. Let’s chat about my favorites from October. My little brother visited from Houston, Texas and we watchedContinue reading “#Blogtober October Favorites”

#Blogtober 10 Songs I Feel On Another Level

I feel like I’m picky with the music I listen to yet at the same time, what I love is pretty diverse. I love southern rap..the deeper the bass the better. I’m a Missouri born girl so a good country song sends me back to nights at the state fair. My first love was 80sContinue reading “#Blogtober 10 Songs I Feel On Another Level”

#Blogtober 10 Things About Me

Nothing to do it but to do it..let’s get into 10 things about me. I’d love to know a random fact about you. My first crush was in 3rd grade! This kid who’d moved from our town from Detroit, Michigan who only stayed at our school for a year before moving somewhere else. I hadContinue reading “#Blogtober 10 Things About Me”

#Blogtober Sunday Coffee

It’s the last Sunday in October. It feels like only yesterday I was excited because the month of Halloween was here! October 2019 has been good to me. There have been some dumpster fire days but for the most part it’s been amazing. At my last appointment with my therapist we talked about making anContinue reading “#Blogtober Sunday Coffee”

#Blogtober What We Don’t Talk About as Bloggers

Blogging is work! There are days where it feels like literally all day I have been on the computer writing blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. I love having a space where I can chat about the genre I love and whatever else I decide to post, but I won’t sit hereContinue reading “#Blogtober What We Don’t Talk About as Bloggers”

#Blogtober Friday Reads

Happy Friday friends. I hope this week has been amazing for you. If you have any cool weekend reading plans, share them with me down in the comments. I may or may not have something cool I’m doing on Saturday. We’ll see. What I’m reading though.. My current read is A Wedding In December byContinue reading “#Blogtober Friday Reads”

#Blogtober 4 Paranormal Romance Recommendations

October comes and I immediately have this yearning for darker..spookier..atmospheric books. I want books that give me a certain vibe and put me in a certain mood. I don’t know what has come over me, but I have actually read a few paranormal/fantasy romances this month that I’ve really enjoyed. Claimed by the Elven King byContinue reading “#Blogtober 4 Paranormal Romance Recommendations”

#Blogtober Movie Rec: As Above, So Below

It is Friday night, October 18th at 10:48 p.m. as I am typing this and I just watched one of the best horror films I’ve watched in a very long time. My little brother is here visiting from Houston and recommended we watch it. He is really into alchemy and psychology and this film isContinue reading “#Blogtober Movie Rec: As Above, So Below”

#Blogtober Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths

So, why not pass the hours with some story-telling? The perfect thing for a late October evening? Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths is an ode to the long ago written gothic horror novels. Maybe it’s the numerous book titles woven into the story, or the many references to characters that emit this vibe as youContinue reading “#Blogtober Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths”

#Blogtober a twisted Love Story. House on Haunted Hill

Let’s chat about the dramatic lengths two characters in The House On Haunted Hill were willing to go to, in an attempt to be together. I’ve been a fan of this film for years now, however it’s one of those movies that I think in the beginning I enjoyed just because it was the typeContinue reading “#Blogtober a twisted Love Story. House on Haunted Hill”