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Hello friends. The blog has been silent since #Blogtober ended. No worries though, I have been hard at work to make sure there is a daily post in the month of December. I just wanted to pop in today to chat about what’s been going on.

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I turned 33 on November 11th and it feels great. I remember being younger and being so intimidated at the sound of turning 30! It sounded ancient but there is something really chill about the 30s. From what I hear, things only get better from here. The best way to describe the 30s is that you finally find this comfort in, it is what it is. I think we put these expectations on ourselves that by 30 you’re supposed to have x, y & z all figured out and your life is supposed to be totally put together when in reality that’s just not the case. I think for most of us, our 20s were a hot mess and it’s in your 30s that you start to sweep the floor and clean the mess up. And you’re chill about it, you’re not stressing about it. Things will get taken care of with time.

On my birthday I lounged on the couch, read romance novels and watched Hallmark Christmas movies. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. My husband made delicious tacos for dinner and it was an amazing overall day.

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to slow down, so I’ve been taking it easy. I’ve been reading and not worrying so much about putting my thoughts somewhere. That will come, but I am so happy right now just really trying to be in the moment of things.

I am back in School and it’s kicking my butt. I am currently taking two classes, History of Christianity and History of the American West. Both are interesting, but I’m not going to lie, I’d rather take one at a time. Being that I am paying for my online classes though with my GI Bill, I’m basically getting paid to be a student, so taking only one class translates to less money and my husband isn’t going for that! Especially when he takes like five at a time.

I have been thinking a lot about what I want my blog to look like in the new year. I feel like we are a constant work in progress but as I evolve, I want her to evolve too. We will figure it out. As for now though, I am going to finish watching Mountain Monsters and let the change come to me.

I hope all is well with you. We will chat again soon.





#Blogtober October Favorites


Happy October 31st. Let’s be cliché for a moment shall we..I can’t believe it’s the end of October. Seriously though, tomorrow is November, so basically day 1 of my birthday (I celebrate the entire month) and I’m very excited. Let’s chat about my favorites from October.

My little brother visited from Houston, Texas and we watched As Above, So Below on Netflix. It’s one of his favorite movies and being that we don’t get to see each other often, I liked getting a glimpse into his interests. I still look at him like my baby, baby brother..so hard to fathom that he’s a grown man, but he’s such a good man who is very curious and seeking answers.

I highly recommend the movie though. The experience of watching it, is amazing. The directors and writers did a wonderful job of transporting you to the underground (literally) of Paris.


The five star read that has stuck with me the most from this month is The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths. It is a wonderful mystery full of story references and a whodunnit that I didn’t see coming. To see my thoughts as I read this book, check out my Youtube Video

I participated in Spookathon this month which was really nice, but it really put me in the mood to begin reading my Holiday Romances and I’m glad I did.  My stack of Christmas romances continues to grow and with Nonfiction November coming tomorrow, I don’t want to fall behind on my stack. So far, it’s been a lot of fun. My current read has me on the fence a little bit, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something in the last half that I still have left to read, blows me away. As much as I wanted to stick with the spooky theme for my reads, I went with my guy and I encourage you to do the same. I think as readers, especially those of us who engage in the online community, it’s so easy to unintentionally fall into the pressure of, ‘I have to be reading xxx.’ I am definitely a mood reader and was once upon a time a seasonal reader, but it’s become apparent that my mood preferences are taking over even my seasonal preference.

I made a really good pot of chicken noodle soup a few days ago. Nothing beats throwing a bunch of ingredients together and the delicious smell all throughout your house as you make magic happen. As soon I had that first bite, I was like wow..best pot yet! Indulge yourself. Make one of your favorite meals. Eat in. Light some candles and cozy up on the couch with your delicious meal. Never underestimate the power of a cozy night in.

Documenting my life. It has been overwhelming, stressful and crazy, but I’m enjoy it. I love the memories that I’ve put out there and will be able to return to. My biggest worry is putting myself in a box. I don’t want to put myself in a box, but the process of figuring it all out mixed with just kind of winging it, has been a really cool process.

Share with me friends what an October favorite for you was. I hope this month was an amazing one for you. Let’s make November unforgettable.




32 Things.

Well Hello 32 Years! Once upon a time I was terrified of hitting my 30s. Turning 30 meant I was no longer 20 (duh, obviously!) but 20 symbolized still being young to me, and I was afraid to leave it behind. You know though, I’ve now been in my 30s for two years and although it’s been a rollercoaster, I am loving every moment of it.

So here are 32 random things, lessons, forget-me-nots, whatever’s:


  1. Mom was right! Keep a good credit score.
  2. Social media first thing in the morning can set the tone for the rest of your day.
  3. It’s okay to use the dishwasher.
  4. You’re not a bad Mom if you find yourself hiding in the bathroom closet from time to time for just a moment of quiet.
  5. If you aren’t using it, stop paying for it.
  6. There is plenty of time to become an extreme couponer. Cut yourself some slack.
  7. It’s alright if the recipe didn’t turn out how you anticipated.
  8. Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.
  9. Drink more water. It is great for your hair, skin and nails.
  10. Don’t hold grudges.
  11. Tell the people you love, that you love them..more.
  12. Karma is real. Try your hardest to put positive energy out there.
  13. Be kind. You never know what someone is going through.
  14. Never underestimate the power of a night in watching Hallmark movies
  15. Listening to an audiobook, is reading a book, and I’ll never believe it not to be.
  16. Time flies.
  17. Get pictures developed from your phone. Future you will be grateful you did.
  18. With a really good playlist, you can kick your morning run’s ass.
  19. Get to the coffee shop when it first opens. The chill music and delicious latte as the sun rises is a great way to start the day.
  20. Do better at finishing things you’ve started.
  21. Write more in your journal.
  22. Once upon a time it was cool to be “one of the guys,” but you 100% need a crew of girlfriends.
  23. It can feel as though you give and give so much of yourself. Treat yourself. Restore yourself.
  24. Going to the DMV will never not suck. Bring a good book with you.
  25. Strolling through the book store at night can be very therapeutic.
  26. Never underestimate the power of a well spoken Ted Talk. Sometimes some motivational speaking is the kick in the butt you need.
  27. There are still amazing people in the world. Appreciate them.
  28. Random acts of Kindness are the best. Pay it forward.
  29. It is never too late to start over.
  30. A friend once told me, “Never waste your time on anyone who isn’t absolutely crazy about you.” I’ll never forget that.
  31. Your happiness is up to you.
  32. You’ll never know when you’ll need to break out the emergency flash light. Keep a stash of batteries.