What 2020 Has Taught me (so far)

Grab a drink and let’s chat. It’s been a while. Be prepared, stay ready for anything. Back a few years now, when Atlanta, Georgia had its famous snow storm that shut down the city, I found myself part of that. My husband and I had driven my kids to Chicago to spend a month withContinue reading “What 2020 Has Taught me (so far)”

On Lock Down Check In

Have I lost my mind yet..? I am holding up. I’ll be honest, initially when the word began to spread and sink in about the pandemic, my anxiety was through the roof! My oldest worried me because of her immune system, my middle child had a cold and I was trying to prevent the oldestContinue reading “On Lock Down Check In”

Show Yourself Some Grace

Remember when we thought 2020 was going to be our year? I am currently sitting in the bed listening to The Summer House by Jenny Hale. I just hung up the phone with my oldest son’s teacher. She called to let me know she emailed me the link for their distant learning which begins nextContinue reading “Show Yourself Some Grace”

Mid Month Reading Wrap up

It’s Monday, March 16th. Its 11:05 in the morning as I type this..and I’m exhausted. I was wide awake until 2:30 this morning, slugged out of bed at 8-tried to do school work: and here we are. I wanted to share with you all how my reading so far in March is going, so withoutContinue reading “Mid Month Reading Wrap up”

Trying To Do All the Things (& failing)

Here’s the thing; I want to do Everything sometimes and here’s the thing with trying to do all of the things; it is exhausting! I am getting better at telling myself it is okay to take a break, which is hard to do in this online world of trying to be relevant and all. DuringContinue reading “Trying To Do All the Things (& failing)”

Cutting Down my Screen Time in 2020

Hello Friends, it has been a minute since I logged on. December wore me out just a bit, but I am getting my life together and am excited to get some content posted for you all. Let’s catch up. I can’t complain about 2020 so far. I am not overwhelming myself with a bunch ofContinue reading “Cutting Down my Screen Time in 2020”

Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan

“He was standing in the shadows and I swear the earth moved when our eyes met. I knew. Right then I knew it was him and it was always supposed to be him.” Spirit Bound is book 2 in the paranormal suspense romance series by Christine Feehan, the Sea Haven series. Full of obsession, hiddenContinue reading “Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan”