#Blogtober 10 Songs I Feel On Another Level

I feel like I'm picky with the music I listen to yet at the same time, what I love is pretty diverse. I love southern rap..the deeper the bass the better. I'm a Missouri born girl so a good country song sends me back to nights at the state fair. My first love was 80s [...]

#Blogtober Sunday Coffee

It's the last Sunday in October. It feels like only yesterday I was excited because the month of Halloween was here! October 2019 has been good to me. There have been some dumpster fire days but for the most part it's been amazing. At my last appointment with my therapist we talked about making an [...]

#Blogtober Friday Reads

Happy Friday friends. I hope this week has been amazing for you. If you have any cool weekend reading plans, share them with me down in the comments. I may or may not have something cool I'm doing on Saturday. We'll see. What I'm reading though.. My current read is A Wedding In December by [...]