About Bree

Hi! I’m Bree and thank you for checking out my blog. I am the worst at ‘about me’s,’ so I’ll keep this pretty short and simple. I’ve been reading all my life but didn’t begin reading romance until 2017. I basically fell head over heels and fall in love with the genre all over again, everyday.

I’m a married Mom of 3. A Missouri girl currently battling the South Texas heat. I’m a big self-care advocate. I believe in alone time and can typically found at a local coffee shop with whatever my current read is in tow.

I’m a total girl’s girl. Feminist. Womanist. I love dance parties with my kids. Trying Pinterest recipes. I have a weird fascination with Chef’s and cooking shows. Classic TV is my fave. Morning runs are a staple in my life and if not reading romance, I’m probably reading a memoir (by a woman author) or poetry.

Thanks for reading and again, thanks for checking out my blog. Anything else you’d like to know, click the Contact Me button. I’d love to chat with you.