Mondays Are just Mini New Years

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We made it to another Monday friends, and this Monday definitely feels like New Years Day with the vibes of fresh starts, new beginnings, complete restart.

As you may know, last week was frozen hell in the state of Texas where I live. Thank you to everyone who reached out to check on me and my family. Let me tell you, I wouldn’t wish last week on anyone. I used to chat with my husband about the worst time to be without power; since living in Texas all of the power outages that we have experienced have been during the dog days of summer and let me tell you, those are brutal! Having worked outside during some of the coldest days of my life I always joked that I’d rather have to live powerless during the cold than the heat but after last week, I honestly don’t know. The temperature outside would be less than 30 degrees and even colder inside. It made me miss my gas stove in my old house back in Georgia that I now realize how much I took for granted. It felt like regardless of how many pairs of leggings I wore on top of each other, how many sweaters I put on top and how many blankets I fell asleep under-it was so hard to warm up. We have now had power for 5 days and I am so grateful. It is times like these that I am reminded of the everyday superheroes that we take for granted. The night that our power came back on my husband ran to the gas station to get water around 11:15 and a crew of workers from our city’s electrical company were there getting snacks. Shortly after he returned home, our power came on. Bless them, for real. It was a cold night out there and it had finally taken its toll on me mentally. I was so close to snapping.

“You can simply say, ‘I’m done,’ or, ‘This isn’t working,’ he told us. As he spoke, I felt my eyes prickle with tears. What a simple and gorgeous idea that was. I thought of myself as a Girl and as a Younger Woman-with all those boys and men and even women who I had never wanted to touch me. I thought of all the women whose stories I now carried in me. What if we had all been taught that we could walk away whenever we wanted? What if we had learned that saying no was a Necessary way of taking care of ourselves?”-Melissa Febos

One of my most recent reads was Girlhood by Melissa Febos that I read as an advanced readers copy thanks to the publisher and Netgalley. Her memoir, Abandon Me is one of my favorite memoirs of all time and I loved this collection of essays.
Every once in a while a girl boards a cruise ship hell bent on taking a dating hiatus and unbeknownst to her, at the same time also boarding is the love of her life. I loved this book so much!
“He kissed her like he’d wanted to since that first night, when he’d heard her infectious laugh across a crowded bar. She tasted just as sunny as she smelled, as addicting as a summer’s day in the midst of winter. He couldn’t get enough.” I finally read my first Katee Robert and it was the fun and sexy quick read I needed! I can see why she’s such a big deal!
‘When I walk in,
Men buy me drinks before I even reach the bar.
They fall in love with me after one night, even if we never touch.
I tell you I’ve got this shit down to a science.
They sweat with my memory,
Alone in cheap rooms as they listen
To moans through the wall and wonder if that’s me,
Letting out a scream as the train whines by.
But I’m already two states away, lying with a boy
I let drink rain from the pulse at my throat.
No one leaves me, I’m the one that Chooses.
I show up like money on the sidewalk
.’-I really dig Kim Addonizio after reading this poetry collection. I’m looking forward to reading more from her.
you don’t look like someone who should be spending Friday night at home with Meryl Streep. You look like someone who should be hanging out at the arcade or the roller rink. So, I think we should grab a shake.”–How Will I Know is part of the 80s Baby series. I don’t know if there is a specific order these novellas have to be read in so I started with this one and it was quick and sweet. Full of 80s nostalgia.
Stripped Down was my first Mae Harden romance but definitely won’t be my last. It is book 1 in her Sonoma trilogy and also her debut romance! It is so good. Brooks (the hero) is the type of Alpha male I love; alpha without being overdone and too much but good enough at what he does that he has Olivia (heroine) sitting at the family table fantasizing about the night before. good!

I watched two Hallmark premieres

Playing Cupid was the sweet romantic comedy I needed. Single dad David’s daughter has a new teacher, Kerri and a project to start a business. Clara decides to start a matchmaking business and because of romance reasons, her Dad and Kerri turn out to be the perfect match.

My most recent watch was Mix Up In the Mediterranean

Jeremy Jordan is slowly becoming my new favorite Hallmark hunk and I love Jessica Lowndes. We don’t see her in many roles and I’d like to see more of her. This was aesthetically beautiful to watch admits it’s Malta backdrop. I really liked the premise, the whole twin pretending to be the other twin. I thought it was really fun.

Okay, that’s enough Monday ramblings from me. Let me know how you’re doing, what you’re reading. I hope you’re well! We’ll chat soon.


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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

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