Top 5 Wednesday: Dream Adaptations

Top 5 Wednesday

Dream Adaptations

Happy Wednesday Friends. I am here with a Top 5 Wednesday post. It’s crazy. I remember when I first discovered Booktube back in 2014, I eventually began seeing Top 5 Wednesday videos float around and they were my favorite videos to watch for the longest! I am happy to see it revived. The moderators for Top 5 Wednesday are Ginger Reads Lainey and Thoughts on Tomes, and if you’re interested in checking out the group on Goodreads, click here.

I would really love to see film adaptations of both The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test by Helen Hoang. While for the longest, I thought Helen Hoang was the first to write a romance with a heroine on the autism spectrum, as I’ve read through some backlists of authors, I’ve learned that’s not the case, but I am grateful to her for making me realize that is representation I hadn’t noticed and wanted more of at the time. I went into The Bride Test expecting the same very fun and sexy feel that I got with The Kiss Quotient but it was a totally different vibe, and just as excellent. We need more Asian rep in everything and I would love to see both of these on screen.

I would love the Destiny series by Beverly Jenkins to be turned into a series. I think with it following a family of brothers and their matriarch, I think there is enough with each book to carry a good tv adaptation for a couple of series. I think with the right writers and directors we could get the right amount of focus on each brother and their respective love interest and it would just be beautiful to see bought to life.

I can’t have a list without Jill Shalvis on it. She has been getting me through 2020 and all of it’s madness. I would love a tv series adapted from the Heartbreaker Bay series which she is still writing books for! About halfway through, the series does shift and focus on new characters so I think it would need the right writing team and a good director to figure out how to capture the small town within a big city feel and how to have all of Jill’s characters be featured but not have too many perspectives for viewers to have to keep up with.

The Forbidden Lust series by Aubree Pynn would be amazing. It is a sexy as hell four book series of novellas, so this adaptation would be quick but it had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page of book 1 through the last page of book 4. Things get messy in this series but in the end, the very confident, crazy about the heroines Black Men in the book go get their girls and I just loved it. I think we need more black joy on screen and this series would be amazing to see on screen.

The last series I want to see adapted would be the Magical Bookshop series by Amanda Flower. This is a cozy mystery series that is still fairly new; I believe there are only 4 books out at the moment. It is set in upstate New York in a small town; total dreamy setting. Violet and her Grandmother own the small town’s bookstore that has a mind of its own. This being a cozy mysteries series, there are off the page murders and the books in the bookstore send clues to help Violet solve the murders. It’s so fun, so cozy. I love seeing cozy mysteries brought to life in film and this is one I would definitely like to see!

That’s it from me Friends, let me know a 2020 read that you would love to see adapted into film. Happy Reading.

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