Review: The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by Lizzie Shane

Hello Friends, I am here to chat with you about a 2020 Christmas Romance from Forever Publishing which is expected to release on September 29th. It is The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by Lizzie Shane and I was given the opportunity to read and review the book early thanks to the publisher and Netgalley.

Very rarely do I finish a book in a day, but once I got into The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and instantly knew this was a book I would read, read, read until I had it finished!

This is the romance between Ally and Ben. Ally has returned to small town Pine Hollow from New York City to assist her Grandparents with their animal rescue shelter and shortly after arriving, she learns that the town council is cancelling the shelter’s funding to use that money toward the community center after their roof caved in. The deciding factor on that vote, was Ben. Ally and Ben do not get off on the right start so when she learns that he had something to do with the vote which now gives her about four weeks to find homes for all the dogs in the shelter-this doesn’t help her already bad vibes with him. This is a romance though, so brace yourself and watch as Lizzie Shane unravels the romance between these two.

My only ‘con’ with this book is a personal preference thing, specifically something I noticed. You know how when you’re reading a book and you begin to pick up on certain words the author uses a bit too much.. Every time someone spoke to Ben, we’d get, “Ben grimaced,” I was seriously at one point, like Why is Ben grimacing all the time? Again, this is just something I noticed and it’s a really small con.

One of my issues with 2019 Christmas romances is that they didn’t really feel Christmas’ey at all and if the rest of the new releases I read this year give off the same vibes as Twelve Dogs of Christmas, I’ll be happy. Can we please get Hallmark to adapt this into a film? I think it’d be perfect. Small towns are perfect for Christmas romances. Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the big city to figure things out and I liked seeing that with Ally. I loved her selflessness which I think you have to be when you’re rescuing and caring for animals, a lot of which have been completely discarded. I loved that entire premise to the story. Ben realizes how crappy the whole vote is that is effecting the shelter, so he goes to Ally with the idea to help her get all of the dogs adopted before the end of the year by posting photos of them in the town paper and website, as the Twelve Dogs of Christmas. They eventually get some of them on a float during the holiday parade and some get to be part of the Christmas pageant. I’ll never get tired of that close knit, small town feel and seeing people come together to help out. I am a sucker for the close proximity that working together brings and how that factors into the blooming romance so I loved seeing Ben and Ally spend time together and get to know more about one another.

Ben was so complex. He is the guardian of his niece Astrid, after her parents died. He is so consumed with getting everything right on his own, he’s one of those guys who refuses to ask for help and unintentionally pushes people away. His journey and his growth could be frustrating at times but it got to a point where Ally had to stick up for herself and put her own feelings first which leaves Ben to either get his crap together or lose the girl. Sometimes we truly do get in our own way.

As a girl living in South Texas where a beautiful white Christmas is nonexistent, I loved the descriptions of the snow and all of the holiday festivities. This was really a fun holiday romance and I am excited for more from Lizzie Shane.

One of the pups mentioned is a Bulldog, so I had to find a cute Bulldog Christmas picture. hah!

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    1. I totally feel that! It was kind of hard for me but so many holiday titles come out beginning September I wanted to slowly get a jump start on reading what I can. It’s usually pretty warm here in December so even then it can be hard at times to read


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