I Reached My 2020 Reading Goal

My Goodreads reading challenge was to read 115 books this year, and I completed it!


My reading momentum has been crazy this year, it seriously kicked off with a bang! The new year came and I was full of so much excitement to start over with a clean reading slate and a new challenge. This is my first year where my goal was set higher than 75 books and although I was confident I’d achieve the goal, I didn’t think I’d reach it so soon. Here’s what I’ve been doing this year and How I’ve hit my goal already:

Really, there isn’t anything life changing, but first and foremost; go with your gut. If you’re not feeling the book you picked up, put it down. Sometimes it’s simply not the right time and sometimes the book just isn’t for you. Every book isn’t for you and that’s okay. I typically know within 60ish pages, if a book is for me or not, and if it isn’t, then I move on.

Being a mood reader is both a gift and a curse. I will 100% be in the mood for a book, so I place it on hold with the library, then by the time it is my turn to read it- I’ll no longer be in the mood for it.  If I know my mood has changed, I don’t beat myself up; I return the book early and move on. I mention both of these statements to say; don’t waste your time on books you’re not vibing with. Every minute you spend reading a book you’re not enjoying is a minute you could be reading your next favorite read.

Challenge yourself. Okay, so you’ve set an amount challenge for yourself; you’re striving to read so many books in the year. In March and April I got specific and challenged myself to read a book a day. In March I came close but became a bit burnt out towards the end of the month but in April I read 39 books.

Show yourself some Grace. Yes, my 39 April reads consisted of quite a few novels but it also consisted of quite a few novellas, graphic novels and poetry collections. I’d sat this challenge for myself but there were plenty of days I didn’t have the mental capacity to read a full length novel. Having 40 page novellas came in very handy. I have also been making my way through  a graphic novel series that has been a fun way to switch things up a bit with my reading so I continued my way through that series.

Audiobooks. Audiobooks are very convenient. My favorite way to consume an audiobook is with my headphones on while I’m doing work around the house; I’m up moving about being productive and before I know it, my book is finished.

I keep myself excited about reading. Sometimes this means taking a break and doing other things which usually means catching up on Podcasts or watching movies from my DVR. Doing other things causes me to miss reading so when I do pick up another book, I want to just read, read and read some more.



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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

One thought on “I Reached My 2020 Reading Goal

  1. Wow that’s awesome 115 books in 5 months!!!! Congrats I can’t wait to see what your final count is at the end of the year. My favorite way to listen to audiobooks is to follow along in the book.


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