On Lock Down Check In

Have I lost my mind yet..?


I am holding up. I’ll be honest, initially when the word began to spread and sink in about the pandemic, my anxiety was through the roof! My oldest worried me because of her immune system, my middle child had a cold and I was trying to prevent the oldest and youngest from catching the cold my middle child and husband BOTH had. Oh, and yea in typical Mom fashion-I found time, from time to time, to worry about my own health. *insert wine drinking*

Okay, here’s what I’ve been doing to keep my sanity.

  • Completely taking advantage of the Hallmark weekend Christmas marathons. Currently this is their second weekend and I am loving it! Leave it to Christmas cheer to come through in the month of March and lift my spirits!
  • Staying on brand with Christmas, yes, yes I did, put Christmas lights back up in my living room. My kids love it for their night time Phineas and Ferb binges and I love it for late night kindle reading.
  • Cooking favorite foods. I made a delicious Mississippi pot roast a few days ago in the slow cooker and I am making a bit pot of spaghetti today! I can’t wait. There is something really calming about cooking. Add on the excitement of eating something you love, and this whole process has really taken my mind off the craziness in the world around me.
  • My mailbox is literally at the end of my street but let me tell you! That few minutes there and back, make me so happy. I enjoy my little bit of fresh air. It is a nice, quick way to get out of the house.
  • Try and be productive. Obviously, being an online college student I have things I have to do; discussion posts, reading for school, papers. Trust me, there are days where I have no motivation at all to do any of these things. If mentally, my head just isn’t in it then I don’t force myself but I do muster up the motivation later that day or the next day to use my time wisely and get things done! This goes for school, cleaning, laundry. Don’t force yourself if mentally you’re not up for it, but when you are feeling productive, immerse yourself in the feeling and make it happen!
  • And of course, reading. I have been seeing a lot of readers admit that they can’t concentrate on reading right now. My reading has been quite the opposite actually. I have been craving, fun, escapist romances, Graphic novels, and memoirs! I am so in the mood for travel romances right now which I typically gravitate to during spring and summer anyway, but with being stuck inside this year-those kind of stories are really calling out to me! If you’re not in the mood for reading, it’s okay! It’s understandable. There is a lot going on in the world right now. It’s okay.


Thanks for sticking around Babes, I hope you are taking care of yourself. Staying sane. Mentally taking care of yourself, are good on toilet paper and good on food. I am thinking of you, rooting for you.


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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

3 thoughts on “On Lock Down Check In

  1. Hi Bree,
    I live in Florida (just moved here about 7 months ago with my husband and daughter) and I have wanted to comment so many times to you, but time seems to always escape me!
    Your posts, videos, book recommendations are exceptional…they mean so much to me as I find your suggestions and general advice a joy to read. Please continue to post (I read your Instagram posts as well…I am Hatetocook05) as you have a way of making me smile and putting a spring in my step…
    You and your family stay safe in these troubled times…I know we will get thru this! Keep those posts coming…Rhonda in Florida


    1. Hello Rhonda!!!!!! Your comment means more than you know! Thank you so much. Being a creator can definitely be discouraging because it’s like ‘is anyone listening’ I’m just a Mom who loves to read and chat so comments like yours give me the reassurance I need! Me and my family are doing well, I’m trying to keep my kids busy! How are you, your Husband and daughter doing!? How old is your baby girl!?


      1. Hi Bree…thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me…
        My husband and I are retired (newly…that’s why we decided to come to the Sunshine State) and my daughter will be 29 in a few months…(funny….I don’t feel that old..haha!) We are all doing well but like everyone else we are following the news and it can heighten anxiety…daily walks, books, movies, and just a good cup of coffee calms me down and certainly distracts my thoughts. I just finished reading Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe (your recommendation…:-) ) and loved every page of it…
        I’m listening …and again…so look forward to your posts…
        Stay well…and know that I will be happy to chat with you anytime!


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