Trying To Do All the Things (& failing)

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Here’s the thing; I want to do Everything sometimes and here’s the thing with trying to do all of the things; it is exhausting! I am getting better at telling myself it is okay to take a break, which is hard to do in this online world of trying to be relevant and all. During your days off, someone else is posting pretty pictures, someone else’s Youtube video went up, someone else posted an amazing blog post. This past week I have been in a rut creatively, totally uninspired.. but I realized I miss blogging. I was in a weird fog where I didn’t know what to post on here anymore, or if I even wanted to. I thought and thought about it though, and I came to the conclusion that- even with my blog, the only pressure I was experiencing, was pressure I was putting on myself. Let’s be real here: if you’re paying for it, it’s yours to do with it as you will! So, that’s what I’ve decided to do.

I love talking about the books I’m reading and the bookish community has so many platforms available for us to do so; Do I think it’s doable to talk about your passion on more than one of these platforms? Absolutely. I think what I’m learning is key though, is to remember that reading is fun.  It’s something I love to my core. It’s been a faithful companion through some of the most difficult times in my life. Anything that goes along with my love of reading, should remain fun as well, or it’s not getting any of my attention.

I found myself conflicted on what content to put where; what should I talk about on Youtube? What should I put on my Blog? Which platform has more of a following? That’s the one specific content should go versus the other. It just got to be too much.

All of this to say, cheers to doing what we want in 2020. FallingForRomance will continue to consist of me gushing about romances I’ve been reading, but it will also have my random thoughts, crazy ideas, moments of failure, lessons learned and all the things in between. I want to engage more with my readers, and disappearing for months at a time doesn’t help with that! Also, I think it’s cool when creators I follow, share more of themselves.  We are in fact, more than just people who love to read.

I am so excited to see where 2020 leads. I hope your February has been amazing. I would really love to know any tips or advice you have for when you’re feeling creatively in a rut. Let me know.


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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

3 thoughts on “Trying To Do All the Things (& failing)

  1. I feel that way! I want to do everything but dunno how to split where to put the stuff. I’m working on my return to BookTube and I ended up creating a calendar for both platforms so I can visualise what content goes where. It helps me decide when to have similar things and when to be very different.


  2. So glad to read your post this morning. I think it’s on point, we try so hard to figure out what other people want, but really, if we right about what we are dealing with or what WE want, typically that reaches more readers than trying to be someone we’re not. Happy Sunday!

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