Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan

“He was standing in the shadows and I swear the earth moved when our eyes met. I knew. Right then I knew it was him and it was always supposed to be him.”


Spirit Bound is book 2 in the paranormal suspense romance series by Christine Feehan, the Sea Haven series. Full of obsession, hidden identities and special psychic abilities, this romance between Judith and Stefan was a great follow up to Water Bound. Stefan Prakenskii is the brother to the hero, Lev, from the previous book. In the beginning we see Stefan in a jail cell with this guy Jean-Claude who obsesses over photos of this woman-Judith. Situations transpire, Stefan busts out of jail and makes his way to Sea Haven where Judith resides. This is their romance.

Let’s start with the cons and end on a positive. I only had two issues with this book: the first being the hero’s use of the word exotic when describing the Japanese heroine’s eyes as exotic. I’m not sure, but I feel like this a term we are tired of seeing used to describe Asian women. It bothered me. If it shouldn’t, please let me know.

My second issue was that I felt like it did drag slightly. I think this book could have been 30ish pages shorter than what it was.

This book felt pretty on brand with the previous one: the hero comes into Sea Haven, falls for the heroine and makes it his mission to protect her from the circumstances going on around her after doing a little digging. So much of this book lies in Stefan posing as Thomas to Judith, but I appreciated that it wasn’t the entire book-your girl was getting confused with both names being tossed around. Just like with the previous book, the hero is written as this big tough guy, assassin who becomes smitten with the heroine because she sees the real him and makes him feel-something he has been unable to do before.

I liked the way the author wove the story together-specifically the heroine’s history and how things played out in the end. Jean-Claude, who we see Stefan in jail with in the beginning of the book is responsible for the death of the heroine’s brother-she loved Jean-Claude but was unaware of the man he truly was. This obviously is a huge factor for the conflict with Stefan hiding so much of himself from her.

I think it was a solid second book in the series.  I’m excited to move onto the third book.





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