Weekly Wrap Up


Weekly Wrap Up

We have made it to another Sunday friends! Let’s wrap up this week.

Weekly Wrap Up (3)

This past week I participated in 2020’s first round of Smutathon which is hosted by Riley Marie and Ginger Reads Lainey over on Youtube. My ‘vlog’ went up this morning, which I’ll leave here for you all. I already have a 2020 Favorite from reading this week which I am excited about.

Weekly Wrap Up (1)

My listening this week mostly consisted of audiobooks for the books I was reading. I am back in school, so audiobooks are a lifesaver after a day full of reading and I can longer convince my brain to look at words and make sense of them! Podcast wise, I am going back and listening to older episodes of the Fated Mates podcast and I listened to Season 2, Episode 22 of the Currently Reading podcast. It isn’t a romance focused podcast, but I really enjoy the conversations between the two hosts.

Weekly Wrap Up (2)

I really want to find a good show to watch when I take a break from reading or am done with homework for the day. I love old school comedy so I am on the prowl for something good. I binged Everybody Loves Raymond a few years ago when it was on Netflix  and loved that, so I am thinking maybe Frasier or Cheers next. If you all have any recommendations let me know. I did watch a few episodes of the (classic) version of the Twilight Zone. I love that show so much and am currently on season 3.

Not much from me this week. I really focused on getting books read. I am on the hunt for great Romances this year, so I am trying to be a little low key and actually focus on getting reading done.

I’d love to know how your 2020 is going so far. Have you had a five star read yet? Let me know.


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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

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