2020 Goals

I haven’t chatted yet about my goals for this year and I figured it’s time. Before we know it, this year will be coming to a close at the rate time is moving, so better late than never.


Actually use my planner. Every year, I spend money on a planner that gets used the first few weeks (more like days) of the new year before spending the rest of it in my backpack, in the glove department in my car or in a drawer underneath paperwork. Being in online university, having appointments and reading advanced reader copies for reviews, I need all the organization I can get to stay on top of things. I hauled a nice planner from Amazon and my plan is to put it to use.

Drink more water for all of the obvious reasons. I’d like to keep myself hydrated and it’s really good for your skin. I personally have noticed a big difference in my skin when I drink more water. I am a huge coke drinker and really need to stop consuming it, so cheers to ridding myself of bad habits this year.

Spend less time on social media and more time reading and journaling. I have issues sleeping and find myself quite a bit, wide awake at 2 in the morning. Rather than grabbing my phone to scroll through the trash one facebook, I want to grab my phone and open my kindle app. Or not even grab my phone but instead, reach for my Kindle and read. Journaling is a very important hobby I want to get back into this year. I made an entire video about it over on Youtube.

Get back into running. Ever since retiring from the military I have completely neglected my body. I haven’t done anything physical whatsoever. I miss running. It was so therapeutic and so empowering. I miss hitting the road with nothing but the road ahead of me, endless paths I can take and my badass girl jams playing through my headphones.

My words for 2020 are nourish and intention. I chose these because in my mind, they go hand in hand. I want to do more things that nourish me this year which I think will for sure be possible if I am doing more things with intention. Being picky about what I’m doing. What fires I am spending my time putting out. Who I am allowing in my life. Who and what I am focusing my energy on. I want to intentionally spend more time making myself happy, doing the things I love.

My reading goal is set at 115 books. I am not comfortable yet with setting some outrageous number yet because I never know what will happen. I may get super busy one month and not have the time to read. I may get sick and not be able to read. I like to keep the number in a reachable range For myself and hey, if I surprise myself, then cool.


I don’t have very many specifics for my reading but I do want to:

  • read more backlist titles
  • read older/classic romances
  • read more female/female romances
  • discover more women of color writers

Lastly reading wise, is to keep it fun. Don’t be afraid to put a book down if it’s not working for me, and be okay with switching things up. Sometimes it’s fun to read a few memoirs and angsty poetry collections then make my way back to romance.

I am so excited to see what this year has in store for us. Let’s make it amazing.

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