#Blogmas Past Vlogmas Recommendations


I absolutely love Vlogmas where Youtube creators will vlog everyday in December leading up to Christmas. I feel like it’s when creators creativity really shines through with having to come up with daily content, edit and upload. I was thinking of some of my favorite Vlogmas videos from past years. I had to do a bit of digging but I managed to track down a few to share.

Cheyenne Barton is one of my all time favorite Youtubers. I could literally post all of her videos, but I won’t do that. Please, go check her out though. She lives in Seattle with her boyfriend Connor and beautiful cat Sophie. Her vlogs are so cozy and as soon as I get notified she’s posted one, all nonsense ceases so I can tune in!


Maria from the channel May Seventeenth is another Favorite of mine. She is originally from Spain but lives in Paris now. I love seeing Paris through her eyes.


I have been following Alexis Belon since Myspace days and while she hasn’t really posted in 2019, I don’t mind going back and rewatching her videos. She is a New York City vlogger and like Maria, I love getting to see her city through her eyes. We aren’t seeing the touristy parts of the city, you’re seeing the everyday hustle and bustle from someone from there and still living there. My Fingers are crossed she comes back to making videos again soon.


Lastly, I think anyone who reads books and subscribes to someone on Youtube who reads book knows about Reagan from Peruse Project. While we don’t read the same books, a few years ago she created a separate channel for Vlogmas. It might’ve been intended for vlogs period but it mostly consists of vlogs and sadly, she hasn’t uploaded to it in 2 years. I really, really enjoyed her Vlogmas videos and lucky for us, they are still up.


I wanted to share these favorites in the case you are doing Vlogmas and maybe need some inspiration or just need channels to go binge! I really love/have loved these channels and hope you find something you like.



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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

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