#Blogmas Gift Ideas for Little Readers


Here are a few book recommendations for the little readers in your life:

Home Alone and Home Alone Lost In New York by Jason Rekulak and illustrated by Kim Smith.

Home Alone

Home Alone 2

I am all about introducing my kids to classic television and film. We hauled the illustrated edition of Home Alone when it first released and I read it out loud to my kids. They loved it, it was a hit! So, I ordered the dvd and yet again, another hit. Their laughter makes me so happy, especially when they are laughing at a book! Every Christmas we sit around and revisit Home Alone. I didn’t know Home Alone 2 was out until one day at Barnes and Noble as I browsed the children’s books as my four year old played with their train set. I sat and read to him while he played and the story and art work are just as fantastic as the first book.

The next recommendation is another book I read to my four year old on one of our bookstore visits, The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup and illustrated by Matt Tavares.


The Gingerbread Pirates kick off with Jim and his Mom baking cookies for Santa. Jim’s favorite gingerbread man is Captain Cookie who carries a gingerbread cutlass and has a toothpick peg leg. Jim doesn’t want Captain Cookie to be eaten so he keeps him near his bed. That night, Captain Cookie sets off on an adventure to track down his pirate crew. I loved this story so much and the artwork is amazing. A must read for your little readers!

Brad Meltzer has a wonderful ongoing children series called, Ordinary People Change the World, and my kids love it!


My daughter loves I Am Lucille Ball and I Am Rosa Parks and my boys love I Am Jackie Robinson. Meltzer creatively teaches young readers about these phenomenal people from their beginnings to the amazing things they eventually did. The artwork is very accessible for kids; it is almost like reading a comic book. The books are perfection and I think your young readers will really enjoy!

This last one is an absolute favorite of mine and has been since I was a kid. It makes me so happy to have shared it with my babies and that they too, love it!


The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by A. Wolf (as told to Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith) This gem is the wolf’s perspective and how the story we have all been told is wrong. All he was trying to do was ask his neighbors, the pigs, for a cup of sugar to make his dear old granny a birthday cake. He didn’t mean to blow their houses down and such, but he had a really bad cold. I love this story way more than the original story and the artwork is so, so good! Haul this one and read it to your little ones. They will love it.



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