#Blogtober What We Don’t Talk About as Bloggers


Blogging is work! There are days where it feels like literally all day I have been on the computer writing blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. I love having a space where I can chat about the genre I love and whatever else I decide to post, but I won’t sit here and act like it doesn’t feel like a job (that I don’t get paid for) sometimes. What helps me out is taking advantage of those days when I don’t have a lot going on and knocking out posts and scheduling them ahead of time.  That way, I’m always ahead of the game and as those scheduled posts come out, I can continue typing new ones. This also allows me some breathing room. If I have a few days where I’m swamped with homework or just not in the mood to type up any posts, I’m already taken care of because I put in the work already.


It sucks when you put your heart and soul into a post and when it goes live, it doesn’t get the response you were expecting. It sucks. There are tons of posts out there chatting about how to capture an attention grabbing headline. Maybe it was the headline that didn’t pull people in. Maybe it’s the graphics. It can be so many different things. All you can do is keep pushing though. Write another post and put your heart and soul into it. At the end of the day, as long as you are happy with the content you are creating, that’s all that matters. If it bothers you that much, reach out to someone and ask for constructive criticism on what you can do better to improve. Research Research Research! The information from successful bloggers is out there. Don’t let it go to waste. See what has gotten them to where they are.

It’s not enough to just be a blogger anymore. You have to use social media *cough* Instagram to boost your blog. So much for laying off of social media for a while, right? Instagram has changed everything. It is such a critical tool for people with platforms. Your favorite Podcast, probably has an Instagram. Your favorite YouTuber probably has their Instagram linked in the description box of their latest video. It is a cool way to get more behind the scenes, daily life of someone whose content you enjoy but it’s also a way for them to encourage you to check out their latest podcast episode or youtube video. It’s the exact same for blogging. If you’re posting on your blog just for you, that’s different. If you’re posting on your blog with the intentions of growing a following, you have to put yourself out there as a creator. The traffic isn’t just going to come you. You have to promote yourself. Remember my first point of how it feels like a job..


The online creator world period, has a way of making you feel like you have to pick a lane and stay in it! This is something I struggle with. I’ve created my space and I have moments where I want to include content that’s totally unrelated to my normal, but I’m hesitant because I’ve gained a following based off the content I’ve already put out there. It can be nerve-racking to think about switching it up and putting something new, and your followers not liking it. Like, ‘we came here for romance, so what is this post about recipes here for?’ Do you just rebrand what you already have out there? Do you start over, something new?


These are just a few of the things I feel like we don’t talk about as bloggers. I would love to get your perspective on my topics or thoughts you’ve been having.