#Blogtober What I Wish I Knew (As a New Blogger)


BlogtoberI am close to hitting my one year Blogging anniversary. I typed and submitted my first post during the fall of 2018 and began juggling my new love of blogging, with my current love (at the time) of creating bookish content on Youtube. I juggled both for a bit, then actually stopped blogging and made the decision to keep pushing on Youtube. I had a little over 3K subscribers and at the time felt like, if I already have a following here, why start all over again?

Long story short, at the beginning of 2019, I realized, I missed blogging, and was no longer in love with the process of creating on Youtube. Here we are. I thought today I would share some tidbits that I have learned so far in my blogging journey. Hopefully this reaches someone who may be starting out, or someone at home right now considering blogging..and if you have any tidbits you’d like to share with me I’m all for whatever guidance you have!


Do your research. When I began blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. I jumped in with my eyes closed but with an eager spirit. I reached out to friends who were bloggers and picked their brains but once I really began to make the decision that I didn’t want to blog occasionally, but that I wanted consistent content posted I knew I had my work cut out for me. I say all that to say this: research, research, research! Fast forward to now and I am constantly seeking new tips on creating a successful blog. Allison Lindstrom is a successful blogger, who creates some amazing, informational videos for bloggers on Youtube here. I can’t recommend her videos enough.

Consistency is key and looks different for everyone. If you tell your readers they can expect one post a week, every Thursday, then that’s what you should give them. Communicate any changes. Currently, I have three posts a week which happened kind of accidentally, but I’m sticking with it because it works. The mentioning of three posts a week leads me into my next tidbit..

You know how meal prepping is a very real thing for some people? I treat blog posts the same way. Like I said, it happened kind of on accident. Back in April of 2019, I began prepping for an idea to have a blog post everyday in the month of May. While I didn’t quite reach the feat of having a post for every single day, I did have enough for three posts a week. May comes around and I realize, I could then begin typing posts for June. Staying ahead of the game is so helpful. It allows time to truly focus on reading and if you find yourself in a blogging funk, you’re taken care of because you already did the work.

Promote yourself. Take credit for your work. I still don’t go as hard with this one as I should. When I was in the early stages of blogging, I began paying more attention to some of the big Bookstagrammers I follow. They are constantly promoting their blog in their stories and their feeds. If you’re putting in the work, take credit for the work. Your opinion, what you have to say..matters. How are people going to find you if you’re not putting yourself out there for them to find? 

I really hope this helps. I look at my journey as constantly in motion, constantly evolving. I don’t have it all figured out, and probably never will..but for now, these things are working for me. Share with me some tidbits that you’ve learned and that have become important to your blog.

until next time, take care of yourselves. We will chat again soon.



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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

3 thoughts on “#Blogtober What I Wish I Knew (As a New Blogger)

  1. Thank you so much for this blog i really needed it, because i am thinking of writing a blog i just don’t know what i want to write about. and i will be using those tidbits that you mentioned in this blog.


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