Review: Waiting For Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey


Waiting For Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Published June 11, 2019 by Berkley

Average Rating on Goodreads: 3.63 Stars

My Rating: 2/5 Stars



Annie is twenty-seven years old, single, and obsessed with romantic comedies (she and her mother watched them religiously, before her mom died). Her dating life is limited by the expectations she’s formed from these movies. She is not as open to new experiences as she might be, because she’s waiting for her Tom Hanks–i.e., a guy she’ll find in the perfect, meet-cute romantic comedy way. When Annie does finally meet her perfect match, it’s not quite in the way she expected, and she’s forced to reckon with the walls she’s built around herself over the years.

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My Thoughts:

It’s crazy that I went into this book with such high expectations and ‘expectations,’ are a pretty big theme in this book. As a romance reader and fan of romantic comedies *especially those starring Tom Hanks,* I was very excited for this release. I strolled into Barnes and Noble the day of release to snag my copy.

This story had so much potential. Annie is a 27 year old writer living with her Uncle in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio who grew up watching romantic comedies with her Mother before she passed away. She learns that a movie is being filmed in Columbus and who would’ve thought..her uncle is cool with the director/producer *I can’t remember* of the film and hooks her up with a job as his assistant. And obviously this is Annie’s romance with Drew Danforth the love interest/lead in the film.

First off, I know the title of this book but damn! I got so tired of hearing Tom Hanks’s name, I wanted to scream. Think of your favorite romantic comedy and now imagine living your day to day life trying to emulate  it. This is how Annie basically lives hers. It might’ve been okay had she not been 27! I don’t mean to say that by 27 you have to have all of your life figured out and have all of your crap together but it annoyed me how immature at 27 Annie felt. I completely have my head in the clouds at times but I know the difference between fiction and reality.  Annie’s Mom told her basically not to settle for anything less than how Tom Hanks treated women in the romantic comedies he starred in, so Annie literally lives waiting for her Tom Hanks to come. Now, I will watch Sleepless in Seattle and be in my feelings for weeks afterwards but eventually I snap out of it.

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I didn’t connect with Annie. I honestly didn’t really like her. For every point she attempts to make, you’re hit over the head with some reference to Sleepless in Seattle/Nora Ephron/You’ve Got Mail reference and it just got so old. I can’t really say much about Drew because I didn’t connect with him either. I will maybe give the next book *yes, there is one* a go because it follows her best friend and the coffee shop owner she works for. Although side characters with not a lot of page time necessarily, I still felt the vibes between them were genuine and worth reading, so I am happy to see they have their own story. The only aspect of this book that really held my attention was Annie’s relationship to her Uncle and her the friendship between her and her best friend. That was it. Other than that, I wasn’t a fan of this book. I found myself listening to it just to have background noise.

Annie’s aha moment, where she realizes that maybe, just maybe she does feel something for Nick..I felt was just weird. I didn’t feel like the character we meet named Carter, really serves much of a purpose. Wham, Bam, thank you Ma’am and Poof..he’s irrelevant. The conflict I rolled my eyes on, because obviously! Obviously with Nick being a celebrity that had to be the way things go crazy.

In the end Annie realizes she doesn’t have to wait for Tom Hanks. She can totally be her own version of Tom Hanks and go after her guy and make things right and profess her love. I was all for it, just mad that it took over 200 pages for us to reach that point. Some character’s growth is believable but Annie’s wasn’t.

So let me know if you’ve read this book and if so, what did you think.




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