Dilemmas of a Book Nerd Tag

Hello friends! I am here with another tag. I was so excited when I saw that not only did my friend Stephanie from Steph’s Romance Books Talk on Youtube posted this video but that she also tagged me to do it. I really love tags that delve into the lives of us as readers,  and as nervous as I am that you all will get insight into just how crazy my way of doing things can be, I’m excited to answer these questions..so let’s do it.



  • Dilemma #1: Book Storage – How do you store and organize your books?: My home library is growing so fast that honestly, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how my books are organized. Now there are certain shelves that are organized to an extent (hardbacks with hardbacks, Ya with Ya, vintage with vintage) but that is it. I have shelves with books on top of them. My bedroom dresser has been overtaken by book mail that I just really have no idea where to put.
  •  Dilemma #2: Tracking – How do you keep track of what you have read and what books you own?: My main tracking system for read books is Goodreads. I do have a Moleskin notebook that I tote around as my reading journal. I have been doing pretty badly though with updating it, but every couple of weeks I’ll pull up Goodreads to jot down the titles I’ve read so I have them physically written down. As far as keeping track of books I own..I don’t keep track of that. Weirdly enough, I know what books I own.
  • Dilemma #3: Borrow – Do you lend your books out?: Hardly ever. Not because I don’t want to, but because I can count on one hand how many people in my real life are readers and share the same tastes as me.
  • Dilemma #4: Buying – How do you buy or acquire your books?: For this one, it really depends. I order quite a bit from Amazon and also subscribe to their Kindle Unlimited and Audible Romance package. Occasionally I’ll order through Book Depository because let’s face it..the UK covers tend to be lightyears prettier than our U.S. editions. The Library! I am an avid Overdrive user.
  • Dilemma #5: Comments – How do you respond to the “How do you read so much” comment or similar comments?: My biggest piece of advice when it comes to this question is simply this–If reading brings you joy, make time for it. Squeeze it into the in between moments. Always have a book on you. This can be on your phone, tucked into your work bag, an audiobook..whatever/however. I can’t bring a physical book with me to work but I always have an audiobook to listen to through my headphones and an ebook for when I’m sitting waiting for an appointment or in the line to grab food. We are all so busy these days, but if you make reading a priority you will find ways to sneak it into your routine.
  • Dilemma #6: Next Book – How do you pick your next read?: I am a total mood reader. Once upon a time I attempted to be a tbr kind of gal, but it overwhelmed me! I would set books aside trying to convince myself, “this is what I’m reading this month,” and literally moments after would have zero interest in those books. It is kind of difficult to explain the answer to this question, being a mood reader, but basically I’ve allowed myself to be totally okay with picking up what I feel like reading, when I feel like reading it. I am also a bit of a seasonal reader. I prefer my darker stories in the fall and am loving all the chicklit and spring vibe-small town romances I’m reading this spring.
  • Dilemma #7: Travel – How do you pick what book(s) you bring on vacation with you?: I don’t go on “vacation,” like ever! I will make the 12 hour road trip to go see family but usually when going home I bring very few books because I know I’ll be catching up with loved ones. I will bring my Kindle though to catch up on ebooks I’ve procrastinated on and usually something nonfiction (a memoir) and a romance I’m in the mood for. When traveling I want my reading to be fun because that means I’m off work and wan to enjoy myself. So I try to live it up and enjoy each moment I have away.
  • Dilemma #8: Annotate – Do you write or highlight or mark up your books in any way?: AbsoFreakingLutely! I am a big highlighter, underliner, tab user. The book is mine to do with as I please. I love a good quote that puts me in the feels, so highlighting helps direct me right back to it when I want to revisit that specific passage. Thinking long term, who knows whose hands the book will one day end up in. I love buying used books and seeing the parts of the book that meant enough to someone else that they underlined or highlighted in it.
  • Dilemma #9: New or Backlist – Which do you prefer, new releases or backlist books?: I used to be the person who would wait for the hype to die down on a new release before reading it but that has changed over time. The amount of new releases that I’ve been super excited for lately has been crazy. There’s no way I can wait for the hype to fade away. But I also love discovering a new to me author through their new release and going back to enjoy their backlist. So I guess a bit of both for this answer.
  • Dilemma #10: Sequels – Do you read books as they are released or wait for an entire series to be published before reading 1 book?: I am very very new to the world of series. I didn’t start reading more than just standalones until I began reading romance. So far, the series I have read are already complete. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to wait for the next book to come out but I kind of want that experience, so we’ll see what happens.



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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

2 thoughts on “Dilemmas of a Book Nerd Tag

  1. I’m also a mood reader!! 😀 My Library used to be organised, but now it’s a hot mess. As long as the books won’t trip me up in the middle night, and are in relatively neat stacks, that’s good enough for me lol. For keeping track, I have GoodReads and I also keep a list of books read on my phone. Best way for me to keep track of monthly reads for wrap-ups and stuff. 🙂


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