Should’ve DNF’d..

They Key to Happily Ever After by Tif Marcelo

Published May 14, 2019 by Gallery Books

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.75 Stars

My Rating: 2 Stars



All’s fair in love and business.

The de la Rosa family and their wedding planning business have been creating happily ever afters in the Washington, DC area for years, making even the most difficult bride’s day a fairytale. But when their parents announce their retirement, the sisters—Marisol, Janelyn, and Pearl—are determined to take over the business themselves.

But the sisters quickly discover that the wedding business isn’t all rings and roses. There are brides whose moods can change at the drop of a hat; grooms who want to control every part of the process; and couples who argue until their big day. As emotions run high, the de la Rosa sisters quickly realize one thing: even when disaster strikes—whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction or a snowmageddon in the middle of a spring wedding—they’ll always have each other.

Perfect for fans of the witty and engaging novels of Amy E. Reichert and Susan Mallery, The Key to Happily Ever After is a fresh romantic comedy that celebrates the crucial and profound power of sisterhood.

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My Thoughts:

It’s not you, it’s me. The timing was just all wrong. Let it go and if it’s meant to be, it’ll find it’s way back to you. All of these are crap lies that at some point or another you may have been told or witnessed a friend relaying a story to you about how it was told to them. Well if you have’re witness to it today, as you’re reading this post. These are lies I told myself as I finished The Key to Happily Ever After today by Tif Marcelo which really what it boiled down to was simple: I didn’t like this book.

This book had a lot going for it. Diverse cast of characters..I’ll never tire of heroines who are brown skinned getting their chance to shine. Ever. A mixed race love interest. A culture that is not my own. The story of the complex relationship between sisters..with the added in stressor of running a business together and that business being wedding planners which is a beast in itself! This book had a lot to it that I was convinced going in that would just make me love this story, but I was sadly wrong.

Really for this review there isn’t much to say other than that I was so bored reading this book. A lot of why I was bored with this book I really believe has to do with how it is marketed.  This book is all over the place right now and it’s really advertised as this cute romantic comedy but the bigger focus in the book is the relationship between sisters. That’s great! But that’s also Not what I began reading this book to read about.

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Had the book been advertised as a women’s fiction novel with a dash of romance I would’ve been fine with that because I would’ve known what to expect. Being a mood reader, I have to be in the mood for women’s fiction. I wasn’t in the mood for this story, this type of story. I think a lot can be chucked up to timing. Had I read this at a time where my mind was yearning for the type of story,  I can totally see myself having loved it but for right now, that’s not the case.

Sadly, I was so bored while reading this book, I have very little recollection as to what happened. I realized this at about 57% of the way into the book and should’ve just DNF’d it but I was questioning myself…“Have I been easily distracted?” “Have I been zoning out?” So I tried sitting on the couch, headphones on and following along with my physical copy.  Nope! Didn’t make a difference.

I recently listened to Tif Marcelo’s interview on The Wicked Wallflowers Club Podcast and I think hearing her interview and learning how amazing of a person, how sweet of a woman, she is also played a huge part in my excitement for this book and wanting to love it. But we can’t love them all, right? I will keep an eye out for whatever she puts out and am rooting for her..who knows, maybe I’ll revisit this one again and love it. For now though, it just wasn’t for me.



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One thought on “Should’ve DNF’d..

  1. I felt very similar! I enjoyed it once I gave up hope of it being a romcom but until then I was frustrated. It definitely felt like women’s fiction instead!


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