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Hey Hey! The RomanceAThon is upon us and I’m so excited.  It will be taking place June 17th through June 23rd and is hosted by GabbyReads and Jacqueline from We Be Book’n over on Youtube.


Here are the prompts:


Per usual, I am focusing on the prompts only to an extent. I really just want to see how many romances I manage to read throughout the week. I find that I am way more successful with readathons when I stick to the theme but don’t stress myself out trying to find books that fit challenges. I am kind of killing my summer romance bingo board by reading what I want, then pulling out my list to see what challenges what I read fit into. Cool?’s what I plan to read!

My LGBT Romance picks *yes, there are two*

First I have Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan

just juliet

I also plan to read How to Make a Wish  by Ashley Herring Blake

make a wish

Read a book with pink on the cover: For this one I am picking one that has been sitting on my nightstand for months now and now feels like the perfect time to finally pick it up and that’s The Trouble With Cowboys by Victoria James.

the trouble with cowboys

Read a Romance with a Man on the Cover: For this one, I am picking up one of my most anticipated releases of 2019, Kerry Winfrey’s, Waiting For Tom Hanks  

tom hanks

Read a romance released in 2019: I will be reading Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

fix her up

There are only two prompts I don’t at the moment have anything I want to read for, but I do have quite a few books on my Kindle that I’d like to get to over the next few weeks, and 2 in particular that if I could fit into RomanceAthon would be great!

First is one I am a few chapters into already, and that’s I’ll Be Good To You by Chelsea Marie

good to you

And last, but not least is Reigning Magicking by Candace Osmond and JJ King.



So those are my picks! I am so so excited. Let me know if you are joining in on this readathon and if so, share with me what you’ll be reading!





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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

One thought on “RomanceAThon TBR

  1. Forbidden romance!! yaaaayyy! haha, one of my favorite themes in contemporary romance. I have added “waiting for tom hanks” to my TBR pile (thank you!). I am sure you have more than enough to read but I thought I would recommend my forbidden romance read for the summer called “Behind the Glass” by Kristen Morgen ( I love the idea of “love at first sight” but it definitely seems to be something that only happens in books and movies. This book shows the idea of “soulmates” in a realistic way and shows that love isn’t simple or easy like a fairytale. It is something that takes sacrifice, restraint and making tough decisions. The main character Rebecca meets Michael (by chance) at a bookstore café and they have an instant heart-pounding connection. Rebecca is in a serious relationship and is thrown into a serious moral dilemma because her boyfriend Brett is a loyal and decent guy. She and Michael are brought back together again and again and soon they realize that this is something more than just a passing fling. This is real and a once in a lifetime chance. Soooo what do they do?? Check it out!! You won’t be disappointed!


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