Sunday Coffee

We made it to another Sunday friends! We didn’t chat last week, but it’s all good. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in #RomBkLove which is going on during the entire month of May. I’m back though for a catch up so grab your morning drink of choice and let’s catch up.

Coffee 12 May

Song lyrics currently stuck in my head because I’ve been jamming out to my 90s playlist a bit more than usual lately:

“You see it all around you. Good loving gone bad. And usually it’s too late when you Realize what you had. And my mind goes back to a girl I left some years ago (Who Told Me) Just hold on Loosely But don’t let go. If you cling too tightly You’re gonna lose control. Your baby needs someone to believe in And a whole Lot of space to breathe in.”

Thank you to 38 Special for this magic that has me driving back and forth up the highway singing at the top of my lungs, remembering summers of taping songs from the radio, softball games and long days at the pool.

The past two weeks haven’t been too bad. My co-workers, in an attempt to “help me,” cut down on my soda consumption have started this two week “water only challenge,” where the only liquid we consume is water from 7:30-4:30. It’s a total bore and most days it’s around lunch time that I want to whisk away to the nearest soda machine and buy a coke but surprisingly..I’ve been doing a good job. I made it all this week even with the pressure my boss put on me by buying a coke and sitting it on my desk..and OPENING IT. I felt myself beginning to sweat nervously as I heard the air from the bottle breaking free as he twisted the cap. It was torture, but I held out. 

This past week has been overwhelmingly full of tough decisions. I have two troops who were at the end of their enlistments and fighting to stay in. For one of them there is really no hope..the decision has been made based off of the mistakes he has made in the past. He’s done. It’s sad. His wife already had 4 kids when they married and is now pregnant with their baby together. I’m learning how difficult it can be to keep things business and not allow the personal to override the decision that needs to be made based off facts.

I recently finished reading A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole. I won’t share too much here because I do have a ‘review’ coming for it, but I really really really liked it and understand why it’s so hyped.

Processed with VSCO with l1 preset

I am currently making my way through The Bride Test by Helen Hoang. I haven’t hit 100 pages yet but I have mixed feelings. My fingers are crossed that things pick up a bit. I remember having so much fun reading The Kiss Quotient..this book feels super heavy right now which is fine, but that’s not what I was expecting.

I also got approved, *surprisingly* for a few books on Netgalley. I have a love/hate relationship with Netgalley. I have phases where I want nothing to do with them because of the pressure I feel when I login, but then wanting to be a good blogger and actually review some books before they come out kicks in and before I know it, I’m back in the game.

I definitely didn’t expect to get approved for The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai which releases early July. I got approved for Waiting For Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey which I’ve been hearing mixed things about but still want to give a try. A September release I’m shocked I was approved for is Well Met by Jen DeLuca..which I don’t know much about but have been seeing all over Instagram. Think I’m going to go into this one *hopefully* knowing the least amount of information as possible.

I hope in this past week was good for you and that you found some time to put yourself first. I have totally been getting sucked into Netflix, obsessed with Our Planet..another one of those Planet Earth type shows. It’s so good and so easy to get lost into. I am obsessed with the way certain shots are done and the colors. I love it. I hope you find something for you that will carry you away while you’re lounging on your couch or wherever you chill. Until next time, take care of yourself. xo.


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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

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