Romance for Beginners

I am so excited about today’s post. I love sharing reading recommendations, however when it comes to romance recommendations I can be a bit hesitant. I still have that new girl feeling at times..I haven’t been reading romance as long as a lot of romance readers. I literally started a few days shy of turning 30.. So this post is for any other reader out there who wants to take that first step into this huge, amazing genre that means so much to so many people. And to make it happen I hit up some of my favorite gal pals who I consider OGs of romance reading and I’m so excited to share their recommendations with you!

With romance being such a huge genre, I truly feel there is something out there for everyone, you just have to find what works for you. By hitting up my girl gang I knew I’d get a little bit of everything to share:


Amanda aka The Naughty Librarian on Youtube recommended Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet for fans of science fiction.

It’s got all the fun Star Wars like tropes we all love. There’s a female renegade on the run from the evil emperor who just also happens to be her dad! Along the way she met a charming space rogue with secrets of his own. Sparks definitely fly! (P.S. There is some explicit content in here but only 2 scenes in a 403 page book so it’s great if you don’t want something with tons of smut.)


Amanda’s next recommendation is Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

It’s a action packed urban fantasy where a kick ass P.I. named Nevada Baylor solves crimes involving elemental magic. There are magical family dynasty’s also competing for power and a mysterious telekinetic named “Mad” Rogan who’s as sexy as he is dangerous.

burn for me

Ash from AshHeartBooks recommended a few different choices she thinks would make good places to start for new romance readers:

Her first recommendation is The Duke and I by Julia Quinn.

This is book one in the Bridgerton series and you just can’t go wrong! It’s hilarious, has the best family dynamics and of course has all of the fun of a historical setting. I recently converted one of my best friends to a historical romance fan with this book, so it has a high success rate!


Next is Radiance by Grace Draven, and after the first Grace Draven I read and Loved, even I have to admit, I NEED to read this one!

This is a fantastic fantasy with all of the wonderful elements that come with it but also a beautiful love story. I love that this book is really a slow burn and the two characters form a friendship and trust long before any romance evolves.


Ash’s last pick is The Wish Collector by Mia Sheridan

This is a beautiful story that takes place in New Orleans. I love the history and legends told and how that plays into the story. This is a romance that has two people learning to heal and move to a better and brighter future and is really about their relationship as people alongside the beautiful love story.

wish collector

My next round of recommendations come from Stephanie from Steph’s Romance Book Talk 

Steph’s first recommendation is Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

It is a fun, sexy read that gives the best part of sexual tension, comedy between past lovers, and just the perfect amount of heart that allows you to love the characters.

sweet cheeks

Steph’s next pick is My One and Only by Kristin Higgins

About a divorced couple that is forced back into each other’s orbit because of family. The sexy times are light, funny banter and antics are higher, and it has a more mainstream contemporary romance feel.

my one and only

And her last pick is Recklessly Royal by Nichole Chase

A story about a princess that strives to be perfect; however, when things happen during a bachelorette party she finds herself at the beginning of a love story that is super sweet and enduring. This is the tamest book out of the three when dealing with sexy times.

Recklessly Royal

My next set of recs come from the lovely Nicole from Who Picked This Book

Nicole’s first recommendation gets a HUGE co-sign from me, and that is Indigo by (the Queen) Beverly Jenkins

Sweet and poignant romance but very rich in historical details that would satisfy history buffs


Her next recommendation is Chill Factor by Sandra Brown

If the reader typically reads suspenseful, murder mysteries, this one has it in spades. Keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat while giving you a compelling romance as well.

Chill Factor

Nicole’s third recommendation is Slave to Sensation by Nailin Singh

This has a really well built sci-fi world mixed with paranormal shifters. Add in some kick ass female leads and this series is very well rounded. The romance is just the tip of the iceberg

slave to sensation


These last 4 recommendations are mine, so here goes:

My first recommendation is The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

Kearsley writes beautiful, atmospheric stories and The Winter Sea transported me to the Scottish Coast. I absolutely fell in love with my jump back and forth between time, and it was this book that made me realize how much I yearn for a Happily ever After. This book is a little thicker and is for sure a commitment but I was obsessed with every page.

The Winter Sea

My next pick is one I’m positive I’ll always find a way or reason to recommend, and that is Grip by Kennedy Ryan

A push and pull. I want you, but I’m trying to fight it..romance with so much going on. Interracial love story. Stereotypes. What it’s like to be black in America. What it’s like to be a Police officer in today’s many emotions and feels all wrapped up with a happily ever after in the end. Loved it so much.



My next pick is Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

My first Penelope Douglas romance and one of my favorite Forbidden romances. I don’t see how anyone whose read this book can recommend forbidden romances and this one Not be on there. It is sexy but nothing close to physical happens until over halfway through this boo. Slow burning. Had me so antsy. I adored it.

birthday girl

My last pick is for those history lovers who need an historical setting in their stories, and it is An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole.

Free woman of color goes back into slavery, undercover as a spy. Finds herself being pursued by and falling for another spy who is Undercover as a Confederate Soldier. Yes..interracial romance during the Civil War. enough said.



Yay for romance recommendations, especially recs from friends. I hope you found something within our list that sounds of interest to you. Trust, all of these are titles I have jotted down to get to if I haven’t yet. All of these ladies have Youtube channels you can tune into to get more recommendations, reviews, hauls and wrap ups from so do yourself a solid and check them out.


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