Sunday Coffee

2 thoughts on “Sunday Coffee”

  1. 35 books?!? *insert Souljah Boy Gif* lol that is fantastic. I’ve only read one Beverly Jenkins book and that was Captive. To say the least I was surprised by the amount of history was in the book given how steamy the cover and romance was.

    But I fell in love with the writing style and plan on reading more of her.


  2. Yay you’re back! Man, 2018 was legit hell for me, so I’m trying to make 2019 a chill year for me as well. Taking the blogging and content creating gig just one day at a time and not kicking myself in the rear end when life happens. It’s a nice feeling so far.

    The year has been one of new chances and not being afraid to put myself out there. It’s been scary, but rewarding. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for more good things to come, for myself and for you too! 💜💜


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