First 2: Magical Bookshop Mysteries

Hello Friends! I am here today with my thoughts on the first two books in another cozy mystery series, The Magical Bookshop series by Amanda Flower. This series, I came across literally on a whim while browsing the shelves at Barnes and Noble. I saw the cover to the first book out of the corner of my eye and did a double take. The covers pulled me, but after reading the summaries on the back I knew I had to read them.

phonto (33)

Book one in this series is called Crime and Poetry.  In this one we are introduced to Violet, who lives in Chicago but is originally from a village in upper New York State called Cascade Springs. At the beginning, Violet’s Grandmother, Daisy, calls her pretending she is dying and that Violet needs to rush home. When Violet arrives, she finds Grandma Daisy in perfect health. She knew that was the only way Violet would return home. Violet soon learns that it is her time to take over Charming Books, the bookshop owned by her Grandmother and that she is to become a “caretaker.” Shortly after arriving, the gentleman that Grandma Daisy has been dating, is found dead outside of the bookshop in his horse and carriage wearing one of Daisy’s scarves. Violet finds herself trying to prove to the police that her Grandmother isn’t the killer.

What I like about this series thus far is that the books really do have minds of their own. With this being a mystery series, the books have their own way of helping Violet clue wise when she finds herself stumped. Or when a customer is stumped on what book to haul, this series gives truth to, “let the book find you.”

crime and poetry

Book two in this series is Prose and Cons and I really loved this one. There were times in the first book where Violet aggravated me a bit, but in this one, I didn’t feel that so much. Prose and Cons gave me all the small town October vibes I needed. The small town of Cascade Springs has an influx of tourists in town for their annual Food and Wine festival. Grandma Daisy hopes to draw attention to Charming Books. Grandma Daisy asks Violet and the Red Inkers, the local writing group, to read some Edgar Allen Poe on the shop’s front porch.

Moments before the reading, one of the writers is found dead in the shop and after, the shop magically informs Violet that she needs to rely on Poe’s writing to solve the murder.

I can’t even begin to express how much fun I had breezing through these two mysteries. I have almost been tempted to just re-read them to get the fix I need since having read them. I am on the prowl though for something close to it while also reading what I already own until the next one releases.

prose and cons

If you are a cozy mystery reader, share with me the last series you loved!


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