First 2: The Book Retreat Mysteries

Hello Friends, I hope all is well with you. I hope your Autumn of 2018 is going amazing. In continuing with this week’s theme of discussing the first two books in the different cozy mystery series I’ve been reading, I want to share my thoughts on The Book Retreat Mysteries by Ellery Adams.

phonto (33)

This is a mystery series made for book lovers. The series follows Jane, the resort manager of Storyton Hall which is located in the rolling hills of western Virginia. Jane has an idea for boosting her numbers which is to host a Murder and Mayhem week at the resort where lovers of the mystery genre can come together for some role playing and fantasy crime solving.

Jane soon learns that one of her guests actually is a murderer, when Felix Hampden, the winner of the scavenger hunt, is found dead and the book he won as a prize stolen.

mystery suite

Murder in the Mystery Suite was so delightful to read, which sounds crazy, being that there is a murder in it, but I had so much fun reading it. I highly recommend seeing if your library as the audiobook because it is fantastic to listen to.

I love the community Jane lives in. Everyone loves literature and reading. The love of reading is such a prominent theme throughout the book. I like how in this book we see the dynamics of Jane and her family. She is a single mother of two boys. Jane and her boys Fitzgerald and Hemingway live with her Aunt and Uncle. I love her Aunt and Uncle’s love for each other. I found myself adoring the scenes with them.

This was a great first book in the series. The murder happens fairly quickly which I appreciated. I felt Ellery Adams did a great job at introducing all the key characters just enough to interest me but still leave some intrigue. Towards the end of the book, Jane learns that she has inherited a very important, secret job. For some, this is honestly make or break. When chatting with friends about it, it completely turned them off but I loved it! I felt it added an even more awesome twist to an already awesome story.


I jumped immediately into Murder in the Paperback Parlor after finishing Murder in the Mystery Suite. This one was a pleasant surprise! In this second mystery, Jane is hosting yet another themed event at Storyton Hall. The theme this time around is for romance readers with Valentine’s Day coming up.

One of the most celebrated authors, Rosamund York, is murdered before the guests even really get settled in. Jane and her book club, The Cover Girls (I love their book club name!)  must figure out who would want to kill Rosamund, who had just as many enemies as she did fans. The possible list of who done-it’s consists of jealous/fellow authors, a former lover and angry fans.

I loved Murder in the Paperback Parlor even more than I did the first book in the series. I think while reading it, I was getting a little homesick for some romance. So I remembering being thrilled at the idea of reading this novel which centers around romance readers. It filled the void.

This was written fantastically! Ellery Adams wrote a very realistic feeling story showcasing what you would imagine a catty romance author beef to look like. You don’t know who you can trust. It honestly wasn’t until the last few chapters that I began to piece things together and really feel like I had it figured out and once realized who it was, it made absolute sense!

This series thus far has been a lot of fun. I am liking how each new story has a new themed event taking place in Storyton Hall. It is an interesting way to introduce a cast of new characters while all the while, Jane and her secret is looming in the background.



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