Sunday Coffee

Hello Friends, Happy Sunday. I hope this past week was a good one and that you’ve enjoyed your weekend. Let’s catch up.


This past week was a pretty chill week for me. I was supposed to be in Florida for BookNetFest but that didn’t happen, so to not allow my mind to go into a funk, I’ve been reading like crazy to keep my mind occupied. I read six books this week which is insane but, THE POWER OF AUDIOBOOKS Friends! I’ve been focusing on getting books that I’ve had on my shelf read, and even more specifically, books I set aside for fall reading. It has been a mixture of romance and cozy mysteries mostly and I am thoroughly enjoying what I’ve been picking up.

I am planning to participate in #Blogoween next month which sounds super exciting. I think I put myself down to post everyday for 13 days, I have to double check. So I am looking forward to that. With planning to do that though, I am trying to figure out what posts I want to have for September. I will definitely have these catch up posts, but the reviews I have been typing, I’ve been scheduling for October.

I recently learned about the rapper Mac Miller passing away and for some reason, his death is weighing heavy on my heart. Like many, I really began paying attention to him while he and Ariana Grande were dating but I never really listened to his music. I decided to go for a drive to give some of his music a listen and wow, he was so talented.  Another young life gone so soon.  I think his death just has me thinking about how I need to do better at expressing to the people I love, just how much I love them, how I need to do better at picking up the phone and calling them. You seriously don’t know if the last time you saw someone, is going to be the last time you see them.

I made my first meatloaf Friends, and I am here to officially say, I should NEVER attempt it again.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that looked easy and that I already had a majority of the ingredients for. It was nice because my husband and I actually prepared it together. We followed the instructions but in the end it didn’t turn out how I remember a meatloaf tasting. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll give it another go but as of right now, this will be my first and last meatloaf.

I recently came across a Youtube channel that is such the breath of sunshine. The channel is Alexandra Roselyn and her channel focuses on writing and reading.  She is just so warm and sweet. She is one of those people who immediately after the first video I clicked on began, I thought “I want to be friends with this person!” I have been very interested lately in subscribing to Authortube channels. As a reader, I think it only makes sense to get glimpses into the process of writing. I am thrilled that Alexandra is a writer and has created this space to share her journey with us.

Really that is all from me for this week. I hope to get more reading done over the next couple of days and knock off some of these books that have been stagnant on my to be read pile.  I found a quote on Pinterest that I want to leave you with. Take care of yourself Friends, and seriously if you see someone around you having a hard time, reach out to them. Small gestures go a long way.


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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

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