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Hello Friends, and Happy Sunday. What a week this past week was. Grab a coffee or whatever you have in the morning and let’s chat.


If you follow me on Twitter, you have seen me talk about No Soda August. I made the decision to cut soda out of my diet this month in the hopes of being able to completely live without it. Another reason behind it was, I hoped a combination of no soda and more exercise would help me shed a few pounds. I got really frustrated a few days ago because the shedding of pounds hasn’t happened. It is really weird talking about my body issues because I am actually comfortable having some weight on. I have always been a tiny girl who wanted to look more womanly and secretly hoped one day to be a little thicker. After having my third baby, I have been staying between 160-165 which isn’t terrible, but physically I am feeling that I am a little heavier than I have been before. My back is constantly bothering me, I am quite often extremely uncomfortable. I finally reached the point where I made the decision to stop looking, keep pushing forward and doing what I’m doing. It is so easy to focus on what’s not happening that you completely don’t see what is, and for me, it’s that I am doing so damn good with my challenge of going without soda. I have been drinking mostly gatorade and water, and I don’t feel thirsty all the time like I did when I drank so much soda.  When I was drinking coca-cola heavy, I always always needed a drink, but I don’t feel that way now that I’ve cut it out. I also have more energy and my skin is starting to look a little better. All I can do is take it one day at a time and pay more attention to the progress I have made because damn, the negative aspects will eat you up!

I was approved for a poetry collection on Netgalley called Glimmerglass Girl by Holly Walrath.


I love poetry, so much and I hate rating a poetry collection low. I feel poetry more than just about any other genre takes guts to write. Here you are pouring your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears out for the world to read and critique-it’s hard for me to admit when I don’t like a body of work. I didn’t enjoy this one though, Friends. I think my deal with some of the newer collections coming out is just the style itself of writing. Long gone are the days of simple stanzas. I miss those days! I completely understand being creative and switching your style up, but when it comes to poetry,  I want to feel what you’re writing, I want it to move me. If I can’t get past the how, the deeper stuff is going to go completely over my head.

Another recently finished arc was The Proposal. I am not quite ready to share my feelings on this one, simply because I don’t quite know myself, how I feel yet. It is one of those books I am hoping grows on me with time. I am torn between a head nod to some of the reviews I read on Goodreads, and “but damn, I don’t think it was that bad!” Stay tuned for when I get my crap together and figure it out.


I am currently in the middle of four things (physical and ebooks!) and have been so undecisive on my audiobooks. I will start an audiobook then want something else, so start something else. My main physical book for this week though is A Love Beyond Time by Judie Aitken.



Plot Summary: When anthropologist Ryan Burke joins a dig at the site of Little Big Horn, she realizes that not everyone is excited about the opportunity. Renowned Indian affairs lawyer Dillon Wolf wants to shut the project down. But when Ryan is given an old tribal tipi, she journeys to the past — where the tension between her and a Lakota warrior named Wolf erupts…into passion.
                                                                                                                                                                     I am really having fun with this one. I haven’t gotten to the time traveling part yet, which I am excited for, but so far I am loving the story. When Ryan arrives at the dig site, the head scientist gives her tons of crap because she’s a woman–even though he hired her on! The other scientists are really welcoming though and one pulls her aside the next morning and let’s her know there is some sketchy stuff going on at the site and he believes Dr. Gaffney (the head scientist) is involved. The last chapter I finished, Ryan had a sit down with one of the Lakota elders, who is one of the sweetest old men, and he really believes Ryan is there to do good by his people. It is fascinating so far, I’m loving it.
                                                                                                                                                                    That’s what’s been up with me. What’s going on in your corner of the world? I hope you had a fantastic week!

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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

One thought on “Sunday Coffee

  1. Thank you for sharing Bree! I feel ya on how awkward it can be at times sharing any type of info regarding weight loss. I am currently trying to do the same for health reasons & some days when I weigh myself it’s rewarding while others can be a bit meh lol. I definitely am trying to make an effort to stop checking and just eating healthy while staying active. Audiobooks, I feel like I e started a few just trying to find the right one and recently found A Natural History Of Dragons to hold my attention. I LOVE books about time travel and archeology, hope you continue enjoying this read 💜


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