Sunday Coffee

2 thoughts on “Sunday Coffee”

  1. Such cute kiddos Bree!! 💜

    I know what you mean about the weekend rush. I do most of my running around during the week because I like the slower pace and much lighter foot traffic in the stores.

    Thx for the cozy mystery recommendation. I just read the absolute funniest cozy!! I reviewed it on my blog. It’s Midnight Snacks Are Murder by Libby Klein and I laughed all the way through it!! This is a great book for when you need a lift because you will seriously not stop laughing. 😂


  2. LOVE seeing your trips to the coffee shop Bree! I also REALLy enjoy taking the tiny humans to B&N, they have such different taste in books that I’m honestly always pleasantly surprised with their picks. Sometimes I wish I have a more varied schedule rather than the regular Mon-Fri gig cause it is much calmer to run errands and just chill and enjoy a slower pace. This past week was short work wise for me which allowed more reading time for a change 😃Lovely Post! & I wish you a wonderful start to the new week 💓


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