A Christmas romance. A demon lover & reaching my Goodreads Goal.(Weekend Catch Up)

Hey Friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I honestly just wanted to check in with you all and chat about my current reading status and my thoughts after having reached my reading goal on Goodreads.


Recently I finished Evergreen Springs by Raeanne Thayne which is book 3 in the Haven Point series. I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads. This series is just what I need at the moment. I really believe sometimes you read books when you’re truly meant to, and that’s how I’ve felt with each of these books. Yes, this book is a Christmas romance and yes, I know it is the middle of June. I told myself I would read Christmas novels throughout the year because they really put me in a good mood!

After finishing Evergreen Springs, I immediately checked both Audible and Overdrive to see if either had the audiobook to book four, Riverbend Road. I was super excited to see one of my libraries indeed had it-so just like with Evergreen Springs I will be reading the physical copy and following along on audio.

Now, let’s talk about demons y’all! I started The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark last night and oh wow it is steamy!


There are quite a few things I’m loving about this book at the moment. The main character is a writer named Callie who is famous for her bestselling novel, The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers. Callie accepts a teaching job in a small upstate New York town teaching a class on vampires/literature/mythology. I am loving the vibe of this book. It is so atmospheric without all the writing I usually love that makes a book atmospheric–its just easy to imagine this gloomy, cold, New England fall setting. I love that Callie buys an old tucked away house that she later finds out was owned by a very important old school romance/secret erotica author named Dahlia. And I love that Callie is a city girl who moves into this small town where you can tell has it’s secrets. The realtor who showed Callie her home really tried to convince her to buy something else and I want to know why. Rumor has it, that Dahlia (the original owner) was known as a recluse because of her secret demon lover which is of interest to Callie because for years she has been visited by her “fairy tale prince,” at night. It’s SO good, Friends! When Callie has her students watch Alfred Hitchcock’s film adaptation of Rebecca I smiled so hard!

demon lover

I managed to speed through the first 100+ pages of this. It easily had me sucked in. I was nervous when I saw the “Read a Paranormal Romance” challenge for the summer romance bingo and have honestly had this one sitting on my Ipad for months now. I am very happy that I finally picked it up. I’ll keep you posted on my final thoughts.

Lastly, I want to chat about my Goodreads goal. I reached it but I am kind of conflicted about it. I love reading so I never want reading to become a stressor. I am an avid Goodreads user. I appreciate what the site does for us as readers and like a lot of people at the beginning of the year I (after going back and forth in my mind) set a goodreads goal. The past two years I have set my goal at 60 books.

Last year I was able to read 119 books. That is honestly the most I have ever read in a year in my life. I was very proud of myself. This year, my Husband kept asking me why I wouldn’t set my goal to something higher than 60. I feel like I’m comfortable with 60. Back in April I remember having reached 45 and saying to myself, If I stick with it, I should reach 60 before the end of June at least.  So here we are, mid June and I am 3 books over my goal.

I think regardless of if your goal is 5 books or 105 books we should be proud of ourselves. Our community seems big to us but in the grand scheme of things, the number of people who consider themselves readers is still pretty small. So we should completely own whatever we manage to read throughout the year. I guess where I am conflicted is, do I continue to stay where I’m comfortable, setting a goal I know I am able to reach? Or am I missing the whole point? It’s called a Goodreads Challenge. Am I challenging myself by sticking to a goal that feels do-able and safe for me?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, Friends. How do you decide what your Goodreads goal for the year will be? Do you play it safe and stick to something close to what you accomplished the year prior or do you aim a little higher? Enlighten me on this Friends and until next time, take care of yourselves. xoxo, Bree

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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

11 thoughts on “A Christmas romance. A demon lover & reaching my Goodreads Goal.(Weekend Catch Up)

  1. Hi Bree, happy sunday. My suggestion would be to increase it incrementally throughout the year that way you don’t set yourself up for failure nor create extra pressure. This method has been successful for me in the past. My best reading year was 2 years ago when I read 75 books. The most I’ve managed to read. Well, the following year I set my goodreads challenge to 75 and didn’t reach it. Since then, I have not managed to read not even 50 books… In my case, I feel pressured by not meeting my goodreads challenge. I’ve realized it would be best to document my reading in my notebook like I used to and I can always add them on goodreads later…


  2. I read Christmas books year round. They always help to lift my mood. Also, I need to read more paranormal romance. I really enjoyed Haunted by Christina C Jones. As far as GoodReads, I usually set my goal low because I usually forget to add the books I’m reading to my profile.


  3. The Demon Lover has captured my interest 👀 I LOVE a good atmospheric read and this one seems to have all the right ingredients! I will be staying tuned to see your final thoughts 🖤 wow! Ok so I’m shamefully behind on my Goodreads goal and that’s cause I slumped hard for two mths out of the first half of this year. I know I’ll catch up but still I’m one of those Bookworms that likes to meet set goals lol. I think raising it up a smidge can’t hurt but also after a certain # don’t really think it too necessary. I feel like anything after is just extra credit you know? 😂 I may have to lower mine from 100 this y at cause I don’t think I’ll quite meet that but who knows 🤞🏼happy reading! 🖤


  4. Is the Haven Point series all Christmas or winter books? I love that idea! Just like with mystery, settings in romance novels will determine my enjoyment. I like rural or mountain settings in series like this. Your five star rave about this book is tempting me.


    1. It’s not! Now the first book was a Christmas novel, the second book wasn’t and then there was the third which was another Christmas romance. I don’t think you’d necessarily have to read all of them. They could definitely be standalones. Just characters from previous books are mentioned in each new book


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