3 Romances I need film adaptations of ASAP.

Hello Friends. It is currently Sunday evening which is the time I usually spend watching a romantic comedy I’ve rented from Amazon or have saved on my DVR. Tonight though, I wanted to switch it up and browse titles on Netflix. I’m not much of a Netflix watcher but my husband logged on and created a profile for me so I could browse their Romantic movies. I was really shocked and a little disappointed because their selection wasn’t what I expected. This got me thinking about some of the romances I’ve read that I secretly wish had their own film adaptation.



Next Year In Havana by Chanel Cleeton is a story I haven’t been able to get off my mind since reading it. This is the story of both Marisol and her Grandmother Elisa who has recently passed away. It was Elisa’s wish to be cremated and for Marisol to take her ashes back to Cuba where their lineage is from. Elisa and her family left Cuba during the Cuban Revolution. It is while there that Marisol learns of her Grandmother’s secret first love and finds a possible new love of her own.


If Next Year In Havana became a film I’d be at the theater the day it premiered! I would love to see more stories that focus on the part of history this book deals with. Until reading this book I didn’t know much about Cuban history and this book was very eye opening.  I’m also such a fan of reading two women who are connected in some way but their stories are years apart. Obviously this is Marisol and her Grandmother’s story but while In Cuba, Marisol feels at times that she didn’t know her Grandmother at all because there are plenty of secrets she begins to unearth. Lastly, I find the story line of two people who love each other and are meant to be together but don’t end up together, SO romantic. This book had me in tears because Chanel Cleeton did a fabulous job of building this relationship between two people who you root for and want to see together but things happen that keep them a part. This book needs to be a movie like five minutes ago. It is so good!

I would love to see The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory become a film. I believe there is already a movie with that title but whatever! This book needs to be adapted. It follows Alexa and Drew who meet in an elevator. Drew is on his way to the wedding rehearsal of his ex-girlfriend and one of his friends. He doesn’t want to go alone, so he asks Alexa after they spend a few moments talking.


The Wedding Date is such a fun, happy book. I was nervous at first when I started it because Alexa is a woman of color and Drew is white. She asks him at one point, “Will I be the only black person at this wedding?” which he had never even thought about, but Alexa gets along with everyone. She seemed like someone you could easily be friends with. I loved how when she would get home from work she’d throw on yoga pants and a tee shirt because that is me on an everyday basis. This book I could easily see being a romantic comedy and just putting people in a good mood after seeing it.

I would also really love to see Sarah Morgan’s Sleepless in Manhattan have a film adaptation.  This book I want to put into the hands of anyone I can. It follows Paige who lives in New York City with her two best friends Frankie and Eva–as well as her brother Matt and his best friend Jake. Paige has been secretly in love with Jake since they were kids but he’s turned her down because of a promise he’s made to Matt. The girl’s have recently been fired from their job, and it is Jake who gives them the idea to start their own business.


This book is so much fun! Quite a few times while reading it I would think about how awesome it would as a film. There was one specific scene where the girls, Matt and Jake are all sitting at their favorite Italian restaurant–and it’s one of those scenes where everyone knows what’s going on except one person. All I could think about was, “This is the type of scene you want to see in a movie!”  I would love to see on film the beautiful Manhattan skyline from the girl’s rooftop and don’t even get me started on the sexy time scenes from this book! Sarah Morgan can definitely write those–so it would be kind of nice to see what some director was able to come up with to bring the steaminess from off the page to the big screen!

So those Friends, are a few of the romances I have read and would really love to see have film adaptations. What about you? What have you read recently that you’d like to see on the big screen?






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3 thoughts on “3 Romances I need film adaptations of ASAP.

  1. Ok! both The Wedding Date & Next Year In Havana are currently sitting in my Amazon cart cause that’s how I roll haha! I’m SUPER stoked for these two. Sleepless In Manhattan rang a bell and I opened my Kindle app just now…guess what?!?! I own the kindle book! 😂so yes! I will be reading this one soon now that it comes highly recommended by you. I LOVE rom-coms & I’ve been seriously considering purchasing Roomies by Christina Lauren (duo authors I believe), I just keep hearing about it so it’s time, especially since they have another book on the way 🤗 Great post & I hope you find some good movies on Netflix cause I need some reccs haha! happy reading 💜

    P.S. Sleepless in Seattle NEEDS to be on Netflix!


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