I discovered a used bookstore!

2 thoughts on “I discovered a used bookstore!”

  1. Wow, if you can find a good used bookstore you can get some amazing Romance novels. I bet your haul is amazing! Other than 2nd & Charles (which is a chain) I don’t live near any used bookstores with a great romance selection, but Betterworldbooks.com ‘s bargain bin has quite a few to choose from.


    1. Yeah besides the one I recently found all that’s really here is Half Price Books which they are okay I’ve never went in and just been BLOWN away by what they have. But I see some people who do hauls from there and I’m like WHY CANT my Half Price Books be as stocked as yours!? So I guess it just depends on where you are. I need to check out Betterworldbooks. I use thriftbooks.com a lot but there orders can take forever it seems to arrive in the mail!


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