Friday Reflections/May 25.2018

Happy Friday Friends! This week is a blur now that it’s coming to an end. It went by so fast. It is, for some a long weekend here in the states with the upcoming holiday–so if that’s the case for you, enjoy your down time-have fun, relax and be safe. I will be off for four days and am very much looking forward to some relaxation. It is my daughter and I this weekend so it’s going to be some much needed girl time (and quiet time with my boys being out of town) So let me reflect on this week.



  • What I’ve Been Reading: Currently my main read is Redemption Bay by Raeanne Thayne  which is book two in the Haven Point series and I am loving it. I read book one, Snow Angel Cove a few months ago and have been so antsy to get back into the series.  I am speaking it into existence that Raeanne Thayne is going to become one of my favorite authors. After only one book I was very impressed and happy with her way of creating this cozy small town feel with such a proud sense of community with characters who are very realistic–and book two is not disappointing.  I have also started listening on audio thanks to Overdrive, The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber  which is book one in the Blossom Street series and so far I am really enjoying it as well. I love how Macomber’s female characters are very real women with real problems. The main character in this one is a two time cancer survivor who opens a yarn store in Seattle–with a father who passed away, a sick mother and a sister who resents her.  Debbie Macomber’s novels thus far for me have been not too heavy on the romance but shatter my heart before piecing it back together again with how hope inspiring they are, so I am bracing myself with The Shop on Blossom Street because I know it’s coming.
  • What I’ve Been Listening To: In the car I mostly listen to either Podcasts or whatever audiobook I have checked out from the library or via audible–so my radio listening is very rare sad to say which leaves me out of the loop with new, good music. I am always late with discovering artists. One I recently found while searching for songs to save on my Apple playlists is Maren Morris. I have in particular been listening to her album Hero and what I am liking about her, is I can’t really put her in a box. Some songs are hard core country while some are pop with some hip-hop inspiration. The song that I am most in love with is, I Could Use A Love Song    which is a slower one, but oh my goodness the lyrics! It starts off, “Usually a drink will do the trick/Take the edge off quick, sitting in the dark/With a shared cigarette/Seeing eye-to-eye, and heart to heart/But maybe I’m just getting old/Used to work but now it don’t/ A Long gone drive/ You know the kind where you take a turn and you don’t know why/But it clears your mind, a surefire cure/I need something stronger/That’ll last a little longer.”–I am such  sucker for lyrics that sound like something 17 year old me would have written in my composition notebook full of poetry and each song on her album has made me reminisce in some way.
  • What I’ve Been Watching: I didn’t watch any movies this week and not much television but my friend Ashley, from AshHeartBooks on Youtube posted Historical Romance Recs-Part 2 which I loved! I am still trying to find my way with historical romances so I just watch and gush as she shares some of her favorites. Go check her out!
  • Moving Forward: Okay, I took the plunge. I was sitting in my bath tub Tuesday night and sent my sister a text message telling her to log into my Facebook, change the password and not give it to me until August 1st (if I even ask for it!).  I don’t want the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to be checking Facebook, or what I do when I get a moment to myself. It is a big part of my wanting to put my phone down more. I have felt like I need to be logged in to see what is going on in other people’s lives–which is fine but I want it to be an every so often thing. Seriously, if an emergency happens, someone will call me! I don’t need to be on Facebook for it. So I have been without it these past few days and you know what…it hasn’t driven me crazy to not be logged in. I have actually gotten a ton of reading done, started a new art journal and felt a tad more present. The summer is less than a month away and I want Summer 2018 to be one to remember, so I think actually being present in the moment will be a huge part of that!


So those are my reflections for this week Friends. Share with me yours if you have any! Did you read any good books this week? Watch anything cool that you’d recommend? Let me know..and Happy Friday!

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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

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