Friday Reflections/May 18. 2018

3 thoughts on “Friday Reflections/May 18. 2018”

  1. I could definitely do better at getting off my phone as well. I’m trying to learn to budget my time online so that I don’t get sucked into the black hole of screen time. It’s hard! One thing I’ve found helpful is setting the timer on my phone: Once it goes off, I have to stop. Now if I could just remember to stick to setting it…

    For music on a “Be Happy” playlist, I adore Bach’s Brandberg Concertos. I can’t listen to all those soaring violins and not feel an endorphin rush. 🙂


    1. I never thought of setting a time Sally! That is such a good idea. I have done pretty good so far today. I haven’t went the whole day without using it but my picking it up has been pretty minimal so I feel like I’m doing a good job. What kind of made you realize you were spending too much time on your phone?

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      1. I think it’s awesome that you kept your time on it minimal. Phone-free is a great goal, but it’s a hard one, realistically, since we rely on them for so much. For me, I noticed time just seemed to melt away. I’d get on for what I thought was a few minutes but was more like an hour. It’s scary how time can slip away like that!


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