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*Takes a deep breath,* Hello Friends and welcome to Falling for Romance. I am Bree. I am a 31 year old married mother of three, currently serving in the United States Military and I have been in a love affair with reading since I was a little girl. Reading has been such a constant companion of mine and really one of the things that keeps me grounded and sane a lot of days. Ahhh the joy of leaving your reality and slipping into a a good story! Creating a blog has been on my mind a lot these past few months. I recently fell in love with the romance genre. Now, my favorite author, THE Mrs. Susanna Kearsley by some is considered a romance author but I find it one, hard to put her in a genre box at all and two, I discovered her when I was new to the world of historical fiction. I didn’t read what I consider a legit romance until the fall of 2017. Like a lot of women across the world, I know that on November 1st, Hallmark is going to start playing their holiday romances. And on November 1st, I was sitting on my couch with a glass of wine in hand ready for them to begin but as I started watching I asked myself why I faithfully watched these holiday romance movies but had yet to pick up a romance novel. Fast forward to now and here I am. Up to this point Friends, I have read a few romance novels. I have barely scratched the surface with Debbie Macomber’s Christmas novels. I have fallen head over heels after one book with the way Raeanne Thayne writes her small town love stories..and Alyssa Cole had me swooning over a Caucasian spy during the Civil War. I still have so far to go! I haven’t stepped into the ocean that is NORA ROBERTS. I haven’t time traveled yet with Julia Quinn or THE Beverly freaking Jenkins! I have so far to go and my journey through the romance genre starts here. Join me, please! Encourage me! Give me suggestions! Have a glass of wine with me! I am so excited to finally be calling it what it is..I have truly begun falling for romance.

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Hi I'm Bree, an Air Force Veteran turned Stay At Home Mom, full time college student and lover of romance.

4 thoughts on “Hello Friends & Welcome

  1. Hey Bree. I am a military spouse 🙂 I would suggest to dig into early Sandra Brown. She writes mystery romance maybe some crime/thriller. I would recommend Envy and The Crush.


  2. Oh Nora Roberts, her earlier romance series are to die for. My favorite are the MacGregors and MacKade Brothers series. I haven’t read a good romance novel these last 2 years… I have to rectify that this summer 😉

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